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This assignment is a review of moral decision of the speaker from the video clip "Halocaust Survivors Oral History" By Kleinmann, (2006). Morals are character that causes a difference in someone's intentions, decisions and actions. They are virtuous that causes a person to differentiate between what is good or bad. They come into especially when we relate with others. Morals are values that we share with others and they justify our actions.

The first moral decision that Peter made to narrate his story is that he believes that whatever took place during the holocaust is wrong. He believes that killing other people for whatever reason is not right.That is why he is narrating the story. He reveals the inhuman killings and suffering that the Nazi brought to the Jews. He says, "I will be known in your conscience". With that remark, he believes that he can inspire his audience to make a moral decision that killing is bad and evil.

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Secondly, in April 23, 1945 Peter benefited from the rescue when the American army liberated the concentration camp. He made a decision to tell the world of this courageous did that not only saved his life but also the lives of several other Jews. The action, which he believes, was morally upright. He wishes to challenge his viewers that a right decision can save the livves of many.

Finally, the speaker made a decision to tell the world that there is no race that is superior to the other. It is due to this erroneous belief that resulted in the deaths of more than six million Jews. The speaker narrates that Hitler and the Nazi believed that genetic difference existed among humans making one race superior to others. He concludes that such a belief is morally wrong and his parting remark is "race genes do not exist"

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For a man to undergo through so much suffering and still make a fitting decision to tell the world about it requires strength and courage. It also calls for one to make strong moral decisions.

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