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How Bullying Effects Education

The graph above shows the trends of the bullying frequencies in the schools across the United States (Hazler et al, 1997). The graph describes the increments of the bullying issues as the students enter into the secondary schools. The situation presents undeniable facts of the cases of bullying.

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Handling Bullying:

The bullying was never on the cards few years back. In fact the cases were taking place but there was no way to discriminate this with the acts of fun or harm. It has just recently arisen on the scene and the dictation about bullying becomes more harmful and debatable. Due to recent happenings around the world in the issue of bullying, schools have started to take action against these actions. The first and foremost important thing for this is to first understand that bullying is harmful and it must be stopped. The presence of the duality in the thoughts can be very serious issue for the concern of this issue in the future. Schools must keep an eye on the issues that arise in the classrooms and the break periods and should take extra care in determining these issues in regards of the bullying. The questionnaires and surveys can be very fruitful to gain an insight from the people who have been previously victimized by bullying who know better on how these actions are committed (Batsche & Knoff, 1994). The questionnaires from the students can be very helpful as well and will open up the trategic preparation for the strategies against bullying. Parents must take good care of their children and should allow their children to be friendly with them so that whenever someone tries to tease them they are there to hold and process the whole situation in conjunction with the law (Hazler et al, 1997).

Schools particularly have to be more responsible in their approach towards bullying. The administration must look for the laws that are in place for bullying. Certain states in United States have made it in their laws to meet the persons who committed the crimes seriously. Moreover, proper training sessions should be conducted for the teachers and the students as well where they must acknowledge what are the probable scenarios in which they can be harmed physically or verbally and in some cases emotionally. The core of the solution is to design the whole process on this point that bullying is far more important issue to not to be coped with.

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The schools now have designed some laws for anti-bullying as well which are forwarded to the students as they enter schools. These policies state the rights and equivalence of all the students regardless of the race, class and religion. Anyone who goes against these things will be dealt with severity is the theme of that law. The social groups have been also designed recently where the students are subjected to take active part and put forward their problems.

What schools can do more is a limitless objective. The schools should observe the happenings around the playgrounds. Proper education must be given to those who are mere bystanders supporting those who are committing these crimes.

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On the whole, it has been found out that the bullying is the most dangerous form of harmfulness for the students when they are in the schools. Regardless of any other form of damage that can happen to them, bullying is such a direct kind of harm. The bullying in education definitely affects the education to various extents at various parts of the world and to various levels of institutions with various severities. The problems are highly undeniable and must be dealt with care and intelligence. Students are the most important assets of all the nations whether they are the victims or those who are victimizing. Proper sessions and trainings should be conducted to reproduce certain mind structures of those who are involved in these issues. Mindset is important for the students to get better education and a chance to live a healthy life. This is only possible if they get what they require in their school lives. The school life is what that impacts the whole future life to follow. Schools therefore must acknowledge this fact and take care of the future of their country with great care. Anti-bullying policy can be the best way to deal with these issues so that in the future we may not be thinking on the past stating that we must have done something when the time was there.

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