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Chapter 2 Response

Chapter 2 illustrates the quality of the data obtained and how representation appears and used in research. In the ultimate situation, response data characterize the population of research to the level of demographic variables such as gender, age, address density and marital status. The first part of this chapter gives an explanation on the extent to which the response and sample is population representative.

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The author of the book, Eckhart Tolle, explains about as he calls the voices that are in people’s heads and the ego. He defines ego as a self-sense that is false which focuses on mental concepts and moe so identifying with form. Tolle clarifies that each person has an ego and strengthening or weakening is possible anytime in life.

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These voices offer warnings, nagging and criticisms. Tolle says that a person’s egoic mind consists of structure and content and absolutely controlled by the past. He continues to say that one’s ego likes to familiarize itself with words, thoughts, societal messages, possessions and wants. However oneself, that is the spirit is distinct and separate from all these and he uses Tom as an example to elaborate this fact of egoism. It is very interesting since we get to see Tom’s influence to the people. Whhenever he is, he can make people do whatever he wants to be done since people relies on him and his finances.


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In conclusion, Tolle concludes with the idea that people should move beyond their egos, beyond the sense of self that is false and beyond continuous desire for more by identifying with form. One should feel free use the past and the future as required and become friends to the present. People should avoid stresses, anxiety and waiting in order to like the present moment. One should simply live in configuration of what is there at present by lifting the spirit to new heights and breaking all suffering.

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