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Aetwood’s Response to Samuel Adam’s Speech

The empire founded on equal justice, all the providence by nature, and equal opportunities as portrayed in the text are for humanity. All the empires on the world should rise based on equal opportunities and justice for all. Voluntary consent of all ...


Addiction is the most important social problem which has become quite common in all the communities. Alcohol is one of the many substances that are major causes of addiction. Despite the fact that medical science has largely dependent on the alcohol ...

Bronfenbrenners Ecological Theory of Development

Urie Bronfenbrenner is on of the best known scholars in the field of developmental psychology and he was the primary contributor to the ecological systems theory of development. The ecological theory of development defines four types of systems ...

An Incident Response Policy

Introduction Incident Response Policy is very vital to any company as part of its overall business continuity plan. The incident response policy helps in minimizing security vulnerabilities, same time gives a response to any security incidence in a ...


 The article argues about the gross domestic product of the developing world today as compared to the yester years. According to the author of this article, the GDP has moved from being dependent on material goods to being dependent on ...

Chapter 2 Response

Chapter 2 illustrates the quality of the data obtained and how representation appears and used in research. In the ultimate situation, response data characterize the population of research to the level of demographic variables such as gender, age, ...


Globalization has had far reaching effect on the success of companies and business firms. It is a stark reality that affects virtually business organizations of all sizes, and this has become profound in the 21st century. In order to survive in the ...

Critical Response Essay

Within the past century, there has been an immense change in the way Hollywood depicts the Middle East genre. As John C. Eisele explains in his article “The wild East: Deconstructing the language of Genre in the Hollywood Eastern”, in ...

Emergency Response

1. It is often said that prevention is better than cure and going by this maxim it can be ensured that following a good daily routine is the best possible way to avoid any undesired circumstances. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a good ...

Explanation of the Poetry: Venison Stew - For Freeman House

Venison Stew-For Freeman House is a love poem that covers the parameter of an entire life through the eyes of a woman who is expressing her love through a brew of Venison Stew in a kitchen. This poem is a juxtaposition of realism and romanticism ...

Hazardous Gas Practices, a Threat to Our Health

Gas production has been a good income generator for this economy. Many have been employed and a lot have been explored. However, this is not my main purpose of writing. As a resident in Loss Angels, I am writing to advocate express my concern on the ...

Holden Caulfield's Voice in Catcher in the Rye

The literature shows Holder’s life after being kicked out of Pencey Preparatory School, on the road to the Christmas holidays. Not yet ready to face his parents he leaves for New York to visit his History teacher. Because of few unpleasant ...

How Bullying Effects Education

The graph above shows the trends of the bullying frequencies in the schools across the United States (Hazler et al, 1997). The graph describes the increments of the bullying issues as the students enter into the secondary schools. The situation ...

Man Developing the Galapagos Island

The Galapagos Island is formed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean around 972 km west of continental Ecuador. This island is, in fact, geologically young but ecologically being very unique to this particular geographical area. It is reach with a ...

National Science Foundation under Grant

Introduction During the evening and early-morning hours of February 8-9, 1996, numerous snow avalanches (associated with heavy rains in the Pacific Northwest of the United States) were triggered along the southern boundary of Glacier National Park, ...

Personal Response

The work by Buckett is a play setting of “Endgame”. This play is based on the global questioning of whether God exist and whether humanity is significant to him. Buckett does challenge the audience as far as God’s existence is put ...

Poem Response

The desert places that frost finds himself in the poem “desert places” are the wilderness that engulfs him. He describes the situation in which he is caught up in as one characterized by barrenness in which he is alone and at the mercy ...

Policy Paper Recommending Policy Response to Climate Change

Overview The need for the policymakers is to have detailed understanding and knowledge of issues on physics of climate, and for that matter, climate change is very important. Without any doubt, the call for measures to control the recent appalling ...

Political Article Response

Political responses are the actions taken by political leaders in trying to improve the economic standard in order to win peoples votes. During campaigns, political leaders use the unaccomplished projects to convince people to vote for them. ...

Reading Reponses on the Book "War Dance" by Sherman Alexie

The book “War Dances” by Sherman Alexie is the first edition publication of Grove Press. The book is a great collection of poems and fictional stories that take critical insight into controversial situations affecting conflicted people ...

Reading Response

I have two friends who are both close to me but could hardly go well together. One is a little bit tall while the other is remarkably small. She would always ask me to reach items in the grocery store. The other, however, is taller than I but my ...

Reading Response to Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Winter Bone by Daniel Woodrell explores the life of a young girl, Ree Dolly, at the age of sixteen and her desire to keep her family put despite all the difficulties that they face in their homes. She takes care of her ill mother and her two younger ...

Response E-Mail: Enforcing Smoking Ban

Dear Ms. English, As you are quite aware of the problem due to smoking in the office compound it is my duty as manager of Accounting Services for Imperial Foods to convey the latest development regarding this above mentioned predicament and ask for ...

Response Paper

The world has experienced a recession like no other in recent times that has brought about a lot of different reactions the world over and even led to panic among business people, governments and ordinary citizens around the world. We have all ...

Response Papers

The United States expanded its territorial boundaries through annexation of other states.  This successfully occurred via acquisition of various colonies such as Alaska, Hawaii, Texas and the Philippines. This occurred in the spirit of ...

Response to Barry Schwartz’s Article

Most systems in our societies today do follow bureaucratic ways of doing things which have failed most of the times since most of these procedures are based on laid down methodologies and rules some of which are very rigid and do not take into ...

Response to Questions on MBSA

Question 1 In order to ensure the security and stability of any operating system, it is important to ensure that all the security systems are appropriately updated. To ensure that these security enhancements are practical and can well afford the ...

Response to the Advocated Post

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing in response to the advocated post of a Staff Accountant, Ref ID 00340-9573677, as advertised in your firm’s website. I am specifically in search of a seasonal/temporary post and I believe that this post meets my ...

Response to 'The Myth of Moderation'

A belief is a lever that once pulled, moves almost everything else in a person’s life. This is very true based on the opening story of the young guy who martyred himself because of the mare belief that he will go to heaven and the unbelievers ...

Response to the Present Opening

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in response to the present opening for the________________ position at NAME OF THE COMPANY. I am interested in the position as I am confident that my skills in combination with my commitment will be a valuable asset both ...

“Self Reliance” Journal Response

Emerson, a transcendentalist, often wrote about the importance of seeing and trusting for oneself unfiltered, and of perceiving and interpreting without the lens of ideology, elitism, secondhand experience and etcetera. This purpose echoes ...

Sustainable Transportation Development

Although economic factors and competitiveness have been the driving forces for the Canadian government, there is a growing realization that other priorities are also important in balancing the dominance of the growth arguments. Principal among these ...

Thank You for taking Time to Speak with Me

Name Title Name of the Company Address State, City, Zip Code Dear _______________, Thank you so much for your time and the privilege of speaking with you about the opportunity to work with your organization in the role of _______________. I ...

The Housing Allowance

Wilson Mutambara an employee of NewCom Company was morally wrong. His actions show lack of a behavioral conduct that differentiates between right and wrong intentions, actions and decisions. The personal values and code of conduct he displays are ...

The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society

Jonathan Kozol begins his essay, "The Human cost of an Illiterate Society" with a well-known expression "Precautions. Read before using.” When thinking about the meaning the expression has, one may conclude that perhaps the writer aims at ...

The Response on the Allegory of the Cave

In the Allegory of the Cave, the Greek philosopher Plato clearly illustrates his profound philosophical conviction that acquisition of knowledge through education is the only way in which human minds can articulately perceive and understand the ...

What did Liberal Economists Oppose in Mercantile Capitalism

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the United Kingdom rose to a position of unheralded prominence in the European continent and became the first realm in Western Europe to become developed. The depth of the vast change that came about can be evaluated ...

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