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Power and Love

The writer of this book writes about power and love as a basis of social change. He talks about his life from school as a physics student up to his career as a businessman. He narrates to the reader his various experiences in different countries and states where he was working. The writer introduces the first chapter of the book with a title named, “The two sides of a power.” The writer looks at different dimensions power can take place. He narrates to the reader about a brief history of himself. He goes further to explain how he was encouraged by his father about the aspect of power. He describes also his father’s love to him.

In the following chapter of the book the writer talks about what he describes as a generative power. The writer narrates how he enjoyed power whil working at Royal Dutch shell. He emphasizes pragmatic abuse of power. The writer notes that in business people understood the power the same way as Martin Luther King. The actions of business people seemed to correspond with Paul Tillich’s interpretation of power.

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In terms of power and love, the writer notes that, in the year 2004, he came to meet power-over. The writer explains this with an incident in Michigan with a friend named Said. He came face to face with bold struggle for power from critics in that meeting. This is because Said was a stranger. He had to leave the meeting and give up because of love. He dreams that night and comes to reality with the feelings of being in the receiving end of power-over (Kahane, 2010).

By the year 2008, the writer notes that he had understtood the dynamics of power and love through his usual business duties and tasks. He notes that he learnt primarily through reflections and experience. He reflects to Tillich’s words,” Love is the drive to unity of the separated”. He learns of the consequences of power without love. He notes the degenerative sensation of power without love.

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The writer tries to argue in this book that, “love is what makes power generative”. He gives a brief battle of his experience to verify these sentiments. He also talks of the two sides of love giving examples to support his words. He talks of South Africans love and how they have become generative. The writer talks of his generative power with his love Dorothy to show us how love is generative. He describes his love to show us of the two sides of love.

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