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Model of Treatment

The best model of treatment and practice should be a behavioral health model and an orientation consistent with the appropriate treatment for offenders on parole and probation. This program should be placed in the hands of trained professionals who are trained in criminal rehabilitation. These professionals should be given ongoing training to maintain their skills and acquire new techniques for effective training. Marshall & Serran (2004) argued that therapists should build trust rapport and training and they should aim to enhance these skills. This can only be achieved through constant training. Offenders should be placed in the hands of professionals who are operating from a behavioral health perspective. This model should emphasize on individual responsibility and should use science based knowledge and techniques for treating and rehabilitating the offenders.

Behavioral change through self initiated activities can result to abstinence and participation in less harmful behaviors. Educational programs should bring about this change in behavior. The length of the program should be dependent on the crime that the offender has committed and the rate of recovery. The trained professional should be of two types, those delivering the educational programs for behavior change and those delivering treatment rehabilitation programs. The professionals delivering the educational programs should be trained in adult education and group facilitation skills; those who are engaged in treatment and rehabilitation should be trained with the particular training in rehabilitation of offenders related issues. Marshall & Laws (2003) argued that behavioral and cognitive model for rehabilitating offenders has been very successful and has found application to deviant sexuality widely.

This model should also be used in an environment where the treatment orientation and behavioral health perspective are well maintained and established. Offenders should be required to complete the education and treatment program before they are released. This model is superior and more efficient in bringing about behavioral change as it ensures all the offenders undergo and complete a treatment and education program before they go back to their respective societies. Vincent, Hasselt and Hersen (1996) proposed a cognitive behavioral approach because it assists offenders in change their pro social beliefs, behavior and attitudes

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