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Gestalt and Adlerian Psychotherapy

Similarities between Gestalt and Adlerian Psychotherapy

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The first similarity of the two theories is that they are both growth theories. The second similarity is that in both theories focus on step by step human growth process and the various psychotherapy stages that they go through (Hambleton, 2010). The third similarity is that when a patient goes through these therapies, the therapists heavily rely on the patient’s past history to determine the best remedy. In addition to the above three mentioned similarities, both theories can be said to be motivational theories (Psyweb, 2010). This means that the therapies encourage their patients to fight and overcome their feas. In conclusion both theories encourage people to go up the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs until they reach self actualization.

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Differences between Gestalt and Adlerian Psychotherapy

Whereas the Adlerian therapy is a growth model therapy; the gestalt therapy takes into consideration the body and mind factors (Hambleton, 2010). The second different between the two theories is that in gestalt theory, people tend to change when they discover who they truly are, while in the Adlerian theory people create their own unique lifestyles while still young and are advised to remain the same the same no matter what they do through (Hambleton, 2010). The third difference between the two theories is that; in gestalt theory people always strive for self actualization and growth while in the Adlerian therapy the therapists uses the patients past to help him/her set goals and objectives that they can accomplish and lead a comfortable life Psyweb, 2010).

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 The fourth difference between the two theories is that in the Adlerian theory a person is meant to believe that he/she is in control of their own destiny and not that they are to be victims. While in Gestalt theory people have the ability for self regulate. The final difference of the five is that in Gestalt, the clients are portrayed as being manipulative while in the Adlerian clients are portrayed as persons ready to be helped (Psyweb, 2010).

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