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Process Evaluation Measure

Process evaluation measure refers to a mechanism which is used for assessing the delivery levels of a program. A process evaluation may be simple to determine levels of implementation or comprehensive and systematic to evaluate all major components of a program plan (Green, 1998). The process evaluation measure covers all activities in order to effectively monitor its effectiveness for the intended purpose such as serving a target group, individuals, society among others. It is more concerned with quality control and the achieved outputs strategies. For instance at Greenby Community Mental Health Center Consultation and Education Department,  Process evaluation measure will need to know the programs beneficiaries who include schools, families, divorced cases, community and several referrals and then there after , show and relate their  overall contribution to the program and the community at large(Green, 1998).

The intended process evaluation measure at Greenby Community Mental Health Center will focus on understanding what the consultation and education program will have achieved within a certain period of time, this is where it will focus on procedures and actions that are being depended upon to produce results outcomes and presents oral and written reports. For example the team that shall be en trusted by the management to offer the program will be expected to be qualified and with some commendable experience in dealing with the consultation and education program. The team should have all its activities which it will use to offer services and reach clients such as workshops, self referrals, and trainings among others.  The program should also have all intended costs to be incurred during the time of operation and also strategies for improved staff and client relationship. This process evaluation measure will capture all data necessary for the education and consultation program to ensure services are properly provided such as program records which establishes staff qualifications and service costs in delivering the program (Tableau, 1996). It will therefore work with the administrators of the center and the staff in order to come up with reporting forms to down track their service activities. Then the forms can be completed by the center itself, schools, families, divorcees, community members and referrals to the program. The below developed template address specific objectives of the program, the staff qualifications and skills, the usefulness, impact and influence of the consultation and education program and finally the processes evaluations for collecting staff reports. The evaluation will take place while the program is running and after it is complete

Process Evaluation Measure

  1. Name of the program:                                                                                   

Program Profile:

  1. Please indicate whether or not Greenby  Community Mental Health Center provides the following activities  

a)      Drug abuse education

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b)      Counseling on drug abuse

c)      Public education and awareness through workshops

d)      Maintenance and observation of the quality indicators such as rules, cleanliness, etiquette, room arrangements among others

e)      Conducting emotional and social screenings for individuals

f)        Developing intervention plans

g)      Provides information on education and consultation through publishing, advertisement and reports

h)      Conducts parent groups

i)        Meets regularly with the staff to reflect their practices

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j)        Provides trainings to all clients and staff

k)      Visiting schools, homes and families to offer public education

l)        Others

  1. What ages are served by the consultation and education program?

            15-18 years

            19-24 years

            25-29 years

            30-34 years

            35-39 Years

            Above 40 years

  1.  How frequently do you asses the services?




  1. How does Greenby Community Mental Health Center establish its relationship with its clients?
  2. How does Greenby Community Mental Health Center communicate its  roles and expectations to their clients

Staff Qualifications and Skills Process Evaluation Measure

Education and Experience

  1. Your professionalism title                                                                   
  2. What level of education have you achieved?

Doctorate                    Phd                             Masters

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Degree                        Diploma                       Certificate  

  1. Are you a licensed mental health provider?

YES                NO

  1. Do you have training on consultation and education?

YES                NO

  1. What do you practice at Greenby Community Mental Health Center

Psychology      Social work                 Psychiatric nursing

Counseling       Marriage and family therapy

Others, list them                                                                                

  1. How many working years experience do you have in mental health consulting and education?

Over 10 years             7-9 years         4-6 years

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1-3 years                     Less than 1 year  

  1. What are your major relevant experiences and achievements?

Satisfaction Evaluation Measure

  1. To what levels has Greenby Community Mental Health Center helped you in accomplishing your goals for consultation?

Not at all         Somewhat        Moderately      Substantially

1                     2                      3                      4

  1.  Rate your relationship with education and consultant staff?

Very poor        Poor    Positive            Very positive

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1                     2          3                      4

  1. What benefits have you gained from the direct consultation?
  2. Would you recommend Greenby Community Mental Health Center Services to others who needed help?


  1. If NO, why?
  2. Any suggestions, ideas, opinions or recommendation?

Outcome Evaluation Measure

An outcome evaluation measure gathers and provides information on how well a program is accomplishing its objectives and goals (Green, 1998). In Greenby Community Mental Health Center outcome evaluation will measure number of clients who are assessing the consultation and those acquiring education. Actually this measure aims at assessing a programs effectiveness and efficiency. The outcome evaluation is a long term undertakings and tries do understand what were the actions outcomes. Greenby Community Mental Health Center the evaluation will measure if the clients to the consultation and education have experienced change and whether the treatment experience has contributed to the change. For instance it will try to evaluate if the clients life have improved after the consultation, if there has been client growth experience and participation in the program (Johnston, 2006). This evaluation is very critical especially toward marketing the program to various stakeholders such as new clients, families, health insurers, program funders, governments, society, and organization among others.

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It mainly based on quantitative approach and uses three designs namely comparison group, randomized controlled trial and pre post comparison. The evaluation below will focus on clients, staff and program outcomes and provide information on the evaluating tool, their purpose target population and outcomes.  

Name of the evaluating Tool(Questionnaire)


Target Population





Social Emotional

Screening and

Assessing the consultation and education program impact

Clients from the diverse age groups

Self regulation


Improved relations

Interaction with People    Adaptive functioning             Compliance













For drug abusers

Screening and

Assessing the consultation and education program impact

Clients from the diverse age groups






Attention problems


Social Skills

Behavior Scales


social and

personal skills of clients

Youths, adults,

Parents and the staff


Daily Living Skills


interpersonal Skills

Maladaptive Behavior



Parent self

report of




Service System



Satisfaction on


Parent self

report on consultation and education  services

Parents of youths receiving


Satisfaction with Mental

Health Services


Stress Index

Parent self report

Of parenting

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Dysfunctional Parent Child  Parental Distress


Difficult Child


Case Centered


Staff/ Caregiver



Services  provider

rated by an outside


Quality of interactions


Relationship            Punitiveness     Permissiveness      Detachment                  Positive Interaction 

While conducting the evaluation there can be experienced several challenges, for instance in most cases there is no manual which can be followed thus consultation and education services are individualized to several presenting concerns of clients (Brian, 2003). This impacts on the evaluation as it makes fidelity assessment very difficult. Additionally another major challenge in measuring outcomes is that when the focus is on client outcomes and program focused the connection among the intervention and the outcomes may not be clear therefore the measures are less direct, vulnerable, immeasurable variables on the outcomes. Finally there can be experienced lack of public resources for addressing the entire social problem concerning health of clients.   

Evaluation is very necessary and helpful to the Consultation and Education Department for various reasons. Through evaluation the department is able to identify gaps in resource requirements and prepare a budget whereby fund can be outsourced. Departmental organization for the program can be easily assessed and duties and responsibilities can be formulated to various staffs within the center to ensure the program implementation.  Through evaluation, clients inflow is easily monitored focusing on improving their program thus clients needs are easily identified and addressed, through so doing their numbers get to increase as they assess the services. 


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