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Philosophy Education Paper

Philosophy is a Greek word which when translated literally means a passion for wisdom. It is the study of entire fields and probable problems faced, such as language, basic knowledge, traditional values and societal norms. Philosophy itself has got many branches. A few examples of those branches are the ethics, mind philosophy which deals with the nature of mind and its affiliation with the body. There is also religion philosophy which enquires about nature and the general religious issues. Philosophy is therefore important in the lives of the entire world’s population. By studying it, individuals can define and obtain clarity on what they believe in. here, people are stimulated to critical thinking about the crucial questions pertaining their lives. Our everyday live has been greatly influenced by the study of philosophy. For instance, most languages spoken presently uses ordered classifications obtained from philosophy. According to the philosophers, the cataloging of a noun (doing word) and a verb entail the philosophic initiative that there exists a difference between things and actions. Whenever a question such as what difference exists between a noun and a verb arises, then a philosophic argument or inquiry starts (Scruton, 2005).

Almost all institutions of most societies are based on philosophy, indiscriminate of the institutional law, the government of the institution, religion, families within the institution, marital ties, industry or businesses. Changes in the societies occur because of the populace involved possessing certain values about what is imperative, true and noteworthy on the way life should be well thought-out. Systems to be followed in offering education also rely on the society’s philosophical thoughts on what children should be educated on and the purposes of coaching them. Over past, democratic societies emphasizes that people should learn to critically think several ideologies that are vital for their lives. Such people should also be given a chance to make sound decisions for themselves, which they deem as more likely to improve their way of living. Contrary to this, the nondemocratic societies discourages individual decision making. It demands their citizens to give up on their own interests to those of the state or rather the general public. the values and skills taught in educational institutions of a society hence reflects the philosophical ideas of the society involved, depending on what is important. All the above importance therefore gives and explains the purposes of studying a philosophy paper.

According to Allen Glenn, a teacher has a duty of making each and every student feel like a conqueror. These words have impact on many teachers since they come to realize their importance in channeling knowledge to the students. Personally, this simple statement by Allen had a crucial impact and forced me to review my attitudes, beliefs and my principles. Also, looking at my background in relation to others from different societies was ivolved. Teaching generally refers to imparting knowledge on other people. The entire process of teaching may involve the use of verbal lectures either in classrooms or in the fields. Furthermore, written materials may be used in the process of teaching. This has proofed to be a more effective way of educating people indiscriminate of their ages. Compared to verbal methods of teaching, written materials may be stored for future reference unlike the verbal lecturing whereby the information cannot be stored for long. The people who are being taught are referred to as learners. Learning is therefore a process whereby people, more especially the students, acquire knowledge from their teachers.

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Most instructors undergo challenges especially in the process of achieving their set objectives and the expected performance standards. For instance, one would ask, “how do I make each and every student become successful? How do I make them enjoy school? How do I make those with negative attitude towards my subject change?” These are just but a few. In order to provide lessons that are engaging and challenging to each and every individual, it is essential to know all the students. Each student is therefore required to set his or her own abilities, what motivates him or her, attitudes towards each unit thought. Further, an individual should establish his or her targets or rather goals and objectives. Getting to know these factors as a teacher, appropriate measures are laid down since a teacher will be in a position to know individual’s talent and knowledge thus making the class more interesting (Hegel, 2007).

Establishing a recognizable union and some confidence flanked by a teacher and the students, as well as among the students themselves, contributes to a secure and caring learning atmosphere. Learning their welfare, the activities they take pleasure in, their scholastic strengths and weaknesses, their potential plans and motivations informs how an instructor will educate each person. This delicate information is significant in order to distinguish learning in a classroom with students of various levels of enthusiasm, vocation goals, and intellectual abilities. As a teacher, Caring for my students means I will "honor their compassion, hold them in high admiration, expect better performance from them, and use strategies to execute their expectations" (Gay, 2000). When a good foundation of learning is laid down, the learners stand more chances of developing a positive attitude towards the entire learning process. Proper foundation envisions the learners and accounts them towards their vision accomplishment. As a teacher, immediately after setting a good foundation, it is important to know the development of each and every learner by analyzing his or her characteristics. Learners learn differently in that their inputs differ. Some are slow learners while others do learn immediately they are taught. In many institutions, this explains why students get different results. We realize that those who learn quicklly are among the top performers compared to the slow learners. It is therefore the teacher’s responsibility to analyze each and every student’s characteristics of learning and try to accommodate them.

According to Rickaby, moral philosophy or rather the ethics in and out of all institutions ought to be followed up to the point. This is due to the fact that ethics is concerned with general morality; either good or bad, right or wrong. Language is a crucial ethical term that plays an enormous role in almost all the institutions. Usually, the determinant factor of a person’s morality in most cases is the way he or she speaks or argues. It is mandatory for teachers to known the basics of moral philosophy. Teachers who are unfamiliar with the basic morals of the institutions will be unprepared to discuss the moral concepts with the learners. Instructors need to respond to certain ethical issues such as the importance of being discipline amongst the students among other crucial lessons. We can imagine how difficult a situation is when a teacher has no idea of what he or she teaches. Collaboration is one thing that is very important to both parties. For a good learning environment more especially on philosophy, both the instructors and the learners need to collaborate and work together as one. It is important to create a friendly environment where both the learners and tutors interact and share their problems freely without fear. By so doing, student’s performance stands more chances of improving compared to situations where they fear their own teachers (Rickaby, 2008).

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Keeping in mind that philosophy is the study of the basic problems in day to day life, such as existence, knowledge, values, reasons and language, any tutor is expected to know and apply it in real life situation. Basically, enhancing knowledge in a class is not an easy task. It is therefore essential for a teacher to come up with appropriate strategies of handling such situations. First, he or she is supposed to create a humble and serene environment where the learners and the instructors can interact freely. Motivating learners plays a vital role in improvement of the overall performance. Such motivations may include publicly applauding students with outstanding performances, putting in place reward systems such as sponsoring their education among others (Hatab, 2000).

According to my point of view, students not only to learn what are book related while in school. They should be taught on various issues that are ethical. Involvement of moral philosophy in the entire learning process allows the learners to appreciate their societies and also encourages them to give back to the society after the accomplishment of their studies. In a class, students should be in a position to learn the basic ethics such as being discipline, self driven and success oriented in all fields of study. When such notion is instilled in the students, their probability of being successful in future becomes high.

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