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Custom Philosophy essay samples

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Slave on the Block and Hard Riding

     The book Hard Riding and Slave on the Block critically state the socio economic conditions of the races which have been considered as dull and irresponsible in the history of United States. The stereotyping has been ...

A Good Will

Kant’s philosophy is usually complex and requires a careful analysis to avoid arriving at fallacious interpretations. His assertions that nothing else can be entirely good in itself except a good will are an interesting concept, especially ...

A Personal Leadership Philosophy

A personal leadership philosophy states the central values that a leader lives by. It entails what the leader expects from the subjects, what the subjects should expect from the leader and how the leader intends to evaluate the performance. I offer ...

Abraham Lincoln

Pathos, logos and ethos are the three rhetoric proofs that exist daily in a different situation, and one evident proof is in the Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg Address that incorporates all the three proofs. Although the war situation was emotional ...

Coelho’s Rhetorical Strategies in Alchemist

Coelho uses the voice of symbolism, dreams, emotional pathos, parodies as well as strong comparisons and contrasts to describe his mystic journey of exploration and self-discovery. There’s rich deal of rhetorical use in Alchemist, a novel that ...

Appraisal Performance

            Performance is one of the key factors that will determine success of a person in any field one wants to undertake. This is particularly in the workplace where everyone is being ...

Case Study of Mrs. Smith

Clinical governance approaches in most hospitals has been trenchantly criticized in reviews. It is therefore necessary to effect reform to clinical governance, but this should not be seen as only being about traditional ‘safety and ...

Men and Women in the Workplace

Men and women have cohabited on the planet with all there idiosyncrasies which are well known and experienced by all of us at some stage of our life. Men and women who live together also at some places have to work together and in the process are ...

Compare and Contrast Epicureanism and Stoicism on Pain and Pleasure

Stoicism refers to the experience of indifference to pain or pleasure. According to Stoicism, a man conquers the universe by conquering himself. It begins by developing indifference to pleasure and pain, through meditation. According to Stoics, ...

The Fascist Regime and the Nazi Regime

Totalitarianism is one form of government, in that administration only one leader to rule the country and he is the only person to take decisions. The opponents are either jailed or shot to death.  Such form of government is used by both the ...

Concept of Grace in Galatians

In order to fully understand the concept of grace as stated in Galatians 1:6-9, the lexical-syntactical and theological analysis must be utilized accordingly. Using the theological approach, it is important to look at the way the text written will ...

Definition of Philosophy

The word philosophy is derived from two Greek words “philo” and “sophia” which means “love for wisdom”. In simple terms, philosophy can be defined as the art that teaches individuals how to live. This is because ...

Discipleship in the Gospels

Modern biblical scholarship has increasingly come to recognize the degree to which reactions of Jesus' disciples towards him have been molded in the Gospels to make theological points about discipleship. So, for instance, it has been suggested that ...

Everything in Nature Works According to Laws

This statement comprises Immanuel Kant’s concept of morality. Kantians believe that morality is grounded in obedience to the moral laws which are considered as universal laws. With this given, Kantians consider abortion as an immoral act and ...


Most of the ideas that go on in the mind depict the mental states and intentions of an individual. Externalism refers to the act of trying to link mental concepts with the reality. For example, many ideologists say that it is necessary to establish ...

Free Will and Determinism

Determinism and free will underlines some of the critical principles about human nature. In this context, free will involves the capacity of human beings to make informed and free choices. On the other hand, determinism refers to a situation where ...

Global Business Environmental Factors

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global giant in parcel delivery service. The company is based in USA but has branches that span dozens of countries across the globe. The paper presents an evaluation of an article published on the company’s ...

Human Nature

Introduction It is a fact that the world has been endowed with thinkers, philosophers and political theorists who through their immense contributions have not only brought different forms of governments and political regimes, but also changed the ...

Interpretation of the Parable

“The Workers in the Vineyard” is a parable of the kingdom of heaven. By means of it Jesus illustrates God's way of reigning in grace. It contains a surprise ending, in which there is equal pay for all of the workers, which is undeserved ...

Men and Womens Parenting Style

Every parent is understandably interested in knowing what particular parenting system actually works and how it actually affects the children directly. Believably, it could be noticed that along with this particular fact is the idea that parents are ...

Kant’s Approach

In developing his moral theory, Kant argues that some values by themselves have intrinsic value. This perception is the basis of his way to ethics and the beginning of his differences with Nietzsche’s idea. According to Kant’s approach, ...

Kantian Theory

Introduction This theory is named after a German philosopher in the 18th century known as Immanuel Kant. There are many different theories he gave depending on the field. As one reads about him, they find that he wrote down what he felt about things ...

Marriage between a Man and a Woman

While same sex marriages have been opposed as morally unacceptable, the proponents cite that same sex marriage is an expression of one’s individual right. Many studies have been consolidated to provide reasonable grounds for justifying same ...


It disputes that wealthy persons are ethically compelled to contribute far extra resources to compassionate reason than is measured usual in Western society. One of the center points of view in the paper is that if one can use his wealth to decrease ...

Philosophy Education Paper

Philosophy is a Greek word which when translated literally means a passion for wisdom. It is the study of entire fields and probable problems faced, such as language, basic knowledge, traditional values and societal norms. Philosophy itself has got ...

Philosophy Exam

PART I: True/ False Property dualism can avoid epiphenomenalism only if physical properties affect mental properties through downward causation. True. Folk psychologists believe that mental states exist, but disbelieve that mental states cause and ...

Philosophy of Guidance

Guidance is an integral section of the absolute program of education for every child or student. Its chief objective is to nurture self discipline. It’s generally believed that discipline when handled in a manner that shows dignity and will of ...

Plato's View on the US Supreme Court

This paper seeks to identify the views Plato would have towards the U.S Supreme Court. Plato was a philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates and a teacher to Aristotle. He was a writer of philosophies and founder of the first institute of ...

Primates and Philosophers

Introduction De Waal is a widely celebrated primatologist. To De Waal, human predispositions that relate to fairness, altruism and reciprocity are values that have developed and continue to be enhanced through natural selection. To De Waal, morality ...

Principals of Nonviolence

Mahatma Gandhi applied his non-violent skills on behalf of his fellow nationals in India and South Africa, but he did not conceptualize it only as an arm in the arsenal of Indian patriotism. Gandhi’s principals of non-violence influenced the ...

Psycholgy and Work

There are numeorus motivation techniques available to employers, and one of such techniques is offering employees an option of four days working week. In the area of work motivation there are numerous empirical findings in support of theoretical and ...

Psychosocial Assessment

This paper concentrates on the application of theories to social work practice involving mental health issues and on the recommendations given to the social worker in order to illustrate how the highly theoretical matters can be used in the real ...

Right to Happiness

The notion of happiness is a rather controversial, one and there have been many attempts to define and specify this concept by various philosophers and writers. However, still there is no specific definition, as happiness can be absolutely different ...

Security Threats

Within the scope of this research, we will try to assess the validity of the claim that security threats are never real but always socially constructed. The claim can be analyzed using multiple examples, however, it seems like the best case where it ...

Sexual Morality and Same Sex Marriage

The general topic of discussion in this article is sexual morality and same sex marriage. The key issues to be addressed include: Religious sexual ethics Personal gain and manipulation Societies and individuals Extramarital sex Premarital ...

Socrates’ Philosophy

Socrates took philosophy into a new stage. He changed philosophy by introducing a new firm. According to him, philosophy should have firmly addressed how one should live while people were not thinking and neither was there any consideration by the ...

The Conversation

Edward Bellamy was a religious philosopher who based his philosophy on the Bible and Christian teaching with a profound view of the future he wished on the world from his understanding. He envisioned a beautiful world where men regarded one another ...

The Definition of Good and Evil

A question may be posed: what evidence do a person look for in order to qualify either a statement or a deed to be deemed ‘good or evil’? Such critical thought has often eluded even the most regarded minds in a society! Of course it is ...

The Science of Freedom

Within the scope of this research, we will explain the most important results of applying the idea of freedom in the eighteenth century European society. The ideals of enlightenment, which were advocated by numerous contemporary philosophers, ...

The Grieving Process

Death and the loss of loved ones is a universal human experience that cannot be controlled.  As humans age, the number of such losses will increase.  Some factors can be associated with the normal conditions of the aging process like ...

The Importance of Leadership

Leadership is a vital thing when the change taken place in the particular organization. A well lead leadership only gives you the right way and suggests in clear ideas when the team of members are in trouble. There are certain elements in the ...

The Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian Philosophies

After the first constitution of the United States of America was ratified, there emerged two competing philosophies about the role of the federal government. These philosophies were the Jeffersonian democracy, mainly advocated by Thomas Jefferson ...

Theory of Knowledge

The theory of knowledge is an area that has been examined by many philosophers in attempt to understand the working of the human mind and its reasoning. However, there is still much to be understood in certainty and definite conclusions have not yet ...

Theory of Literacy

People are used to living in a certain way of life depending on the place they are from. Man is used to being guided. He cannot live without following a certain ‘guide book’ whether it physically there or in his imagination. He has to ...

Think Philosophically

Human virtues are quite diverse and their study takes shed on the new aspects of our life and being. Each individual should understand the origins of all the virtues and find his or her own way in the universe and develop a philosophical mindset in ...

Traditional Characteristics of God

In this research paper, an attempt is made in reviewing the philosophical quandary regarding the existence of evil and, if indeed, the existence of evil makes God to exist and if such a God can be deemed to be perfect. The validity of the existence ...

What is the Real Root of All Happiness

Franklin Roosevelt believed that sheer “happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” This famous motto of his was reflected throughout the book The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner which recorded the ...

Yoga as Human Behavior

First we have to understand the difference between the behavior and habit. Habit is the one which you voluntarily involve in it. Habit can be changed or left in the course of time. Behavior is not like that it is your own day to day activity that ...


Zoroastrianism is the religious and philosophical teaching attributed to the prophet Zoroaster. A supreme divine authority in this teaching is an uncreated creator Ahura Mazda, giving another name to this teaching – Mazdaism. Zoroastrianism's ...

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