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Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying can be broadly defined as the intentional use of information and technology to harm others. It ranges from abusive blogs, comments, stalking, disclosing personal data, and posting materials on the Internet aimed at humiliating the victim. According to a recent survey, 42% of children have had bullying encounter in their lives.


Considering the adverse effects this modern technological menace has on children I would say that the government should regulate Internet use. According to Network World 5/8/2009, the Internet the Internet for example, provides a perfect breeding ground for Cyber bullies. This is made possible by the anonymity the Internet guarantees the bullies. Bullies use such media to target youngsters since they are known to spend longer hours on the Internet without supervision from their elders. Poor parenting for example, predisposes children to Cyber bullying since they do not monitor their children's activities online.

Considering this lack of the society at large to protect their children against Cyber crimes, it is essential that the government steps in to address this issue. This way, the government ensures that the freedom of speech is not undermined but rather limits are established to determine to what extent people can express themselves.  According t Network World, some foundations provide different remedies to the villains based on who the victim is. F or instance Slander and libel Law offer varying measures when the complainant is a public figure and others when they are common citizens. This is to say hat if the government steps in, it will ensure that no partiality is witnessed in dealing with cases concerning Cyber bullying.

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The government should also empower schools and other institutional places to take action on instances of Cyber bullying (Cox, 2009). This takes care of both incidences that originate from school and those from outside. This can be ensured by giving the schools more authority to punish those individuals who harass other students. This is also possible when the government empowers schools and administrators to suspend students who are found to bully others.

Many people consider Cyber bullying as a joke not recognizing the potential danger they pose to kids. According to Kowalski, Limber, & Agaston, (2008), the 13-year old, who is said to have been injured party of Cyber crime made many people realize that the injury sustained goes beyond emotional pain. It has been observed that majority of those who target kids do it in chat rooms that are in5tentionally designed to prey on unsuspecting children. Other instances of Cyber bullying come in the form of pornography. Children continue to be high-risk targets to sexual predators. According to a recent survey, between 12 and 24% of youngsters have met online strangers.  This makes it possible for them to be lured by sexual predators.

The Internet for example, is known to harbor many users who use falls information in order to perpetrate various crimes without being caught.  When the government steps in to ensure that chat rooms that are used by children have no privacy and that all private information is made public, it becomes fair enough. This ensures that there are no private messages or rooms and therefore, information flow can be monitored.

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When the government regulates Internet usage, it not only serves to protect children b8ut the whole Internet users across the board.  According to Tech web, Cyber bullying is a serious criminal offence as it puts the victims into jeopardy both physically and emotionally. It recognizes the need to involve the government to a large extent in the fight against Internet harassment. This involvement of the government ensures that the rules governing Internet use are adhered to by all users. In conclusion, it is necessary to acknowledge the fact that it is not just enough for the government to get involved but also to design effective judicial systems to look into Cyber bullying and ensure that perpetrators meet the full force of the law.

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