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Custom Persuasive essay samples

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Affirmative Action

There is need to embrace affirmative action in order to correct injustices that we witness in our society. The effective affirmative action programs in place will ensure employers, educational institutions and corporate world does not discriminate ...

Be the Change

The way we see a problem greatly affects the overall outcome of it. By not seeing a problem as yours, one does not seek for a solution or waits for someone else to solve the problem. In my view, this is the greatest obstacle to people making the ...

Being an Outsider

The only way that one can discover one's true self is by being an outsider. The only way that one can discover his/herself is by spending time alone, with his or herself. Unlike people who belong to a particular group, an outsider isn't defined by ...

Binge Drinking and College Students

In the northern district of Alabama, there are various colleges with students who are engaged in binge drinking. Binge drinking is the excessive consumption of alcohol which results in alcoholism. This is to say that their alcohol concentration in ...

Business Etiquette Course

In the recent past, I have noticed with much concern the decline in use of proper business etiquette among the students in this college. Business etiquette as a discipline is essential in today's business world, and this informed me to write to ...

Children and Acute Stressors

Disasters be they natural or manmade, traumas for example tsunamis, droughts, wars, earthquakes, affect children in a big way despite the fact that their minds are not developed to critically analyze what the situation is like the way an adult can . ...


Jackie Robinson is a character that has played a major role in transforming civilization, by championing for equal rights amongst people from different spheres. These include the minorities and the blacks.  This article is meant to show that ...

Cyber Bullying

Introduction Cyber bullying can be broadly defined as the intentional use of information and technology to harm others. It ranges from abusive blogs, comments, stalking, disclosing personal data, and posting materials on the Internet aimed at ...

Dangers of Car Phones

Using a cell phone while driving can be very hazardous both to the driver and other motorists. Use of car phone by drivers distracts them and reduces their reaction time when needed in urgency (Qureshi 2010). Holding a steering wheel with one hand ...


We are living in a world that is pound by certain happenings and situations. These are some of the things that have to be fulfilled in order for life to continue at any time. The story of too many bananas, not enough pineapples and no water melon at ...

Electric Fire

Introduction There has been a general negligence by most human beings about things that more often matter in determining major incidents that occur in human life. There are usually major activities that human beings do in life expecting them to be ...


The most important quality in a person is integrity. Integrity, as a value, is an impression of actions, ideals, expectations, and results consistency. It is having one's actions based on a framework of internally consistent values. Ones behavior ...

Joining the Army

This is my second letter in less than a week. You know what that means. So many things have happened since I was conscripted into the army. It was a challenge for me to join the army. I was at a point where I was given a chance to choose between ...

Legal Drinking Age

Introduction I. At the age of 18, a youth is responsible enough to make a decision to serve in the military, start a family and decide on which leader to vote for in elections. If he can exercise judgement concerning such weighty matters, why should ...


This comes with lots of regrets for what happened. I know it was neither your fault nor was it mine. Things happened so fast and I was not able to say what I felt. We both know that my love for you will never cease and I will always be by your side ...

Mortality and Immortality

The ever-present threat of death, its indifference and its cold capriciousness are a fate and reality that dawn on every human being. The very thoroughness and nature of physical death not to single out anyone and it not being personal is a reason ...

My Favorite Pet

Over the years, human beings have tamed different kinds of animals as pets; from common ones like cats and birds to the exotic ones like snakes and tigers depending on their culture of preference. However, dogs stand out from all pets. They have ...

Persuasive Essay Discussion Forum

Persuasive or argumentative experiences utilizes both the logia well as reasoning in an attempt to showing that a is more legitimate as compared to another idea thus encouraging an individual to adopting certain points of view or even taking certain ...

Persuasive Letter

Fundraising for Farm Fields Farm field is place run by volunteers dedicated to providing a loving home for its pet residentts as long as they need it often.  It is located in California, USA and long been started in 1985 aimed at providing ...

Persuasive Memo

Introduction Persuasion is an art that several people assume that you are either born with or not. Memos are one of the main ways people communicate in organizations. They can be described as a form of persuasion. Persuasion is an important ...

Physical Activity and Health

It is the desire of every human being to have the body systems functioning harmoniously in order to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Good health is a priority to everyone, but how often do we make efforts to eliminate undesirable and unhealthy ...

Prayer and Healing

In every faith, churches and mosques, believers meet regularly to pray for the sick. All religions across the globe seek divine healing whenever someone is sick. Many people pray for there own health or for relatives who are sick. This has led ...

Quality and Culture

The score that I received was exactly to what I expected. I answered 17 correctly and 5 incorrectly. My incorrect responses were due to limited knowledge of diverse cultures and the fact that most of visits that have made before are confined within ...

Restricting Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages

Introduction Restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages has remained a contentious issue due to failure by the concerned parties to come up with a policy to regulate the practice. Representatives from organizations concern with drug abuse ...


Technology developments have enabled persons to have the easiest access to information and remain updated at all times no matter where they are. At this age and time of the world being a global village certain gadgets are not only a requirement but ...

Teaser Pitch Speech for Book

Prospecting is not about convincing, it's all about persuasion and recruiting. To recruit a new sign-up for any business requires you to find someone interested to sign up not people from your warm list. In the business world, that interested ...

The Importance of Volunteering in Our Society

Volunteering is an act of freely giving out our service and work to the needy without payback of a cash reward for the task done. If brought into force with good motive it can changes our ways of living and make our societies a better place ...

The Last Vet

First, humans need to recognize the fact that dogs play an important role in the present society setting. This implies that certain actions targeted at eliminating the dogs, for example, culling needs to be justified in its proper context. Aminatta ...

The Rights of Animals

Humanly speaking the rights of animals should be regarded important as those of human beings. Animals should be treated in humane way while there are still living. As a matter of fact the authority should enact laws that are meant to abolish animal ...

The Yangtze River

The essay is an in depth examination of how import is river Yangtze economically. The Yangtze River an Asian river is the most economically import river in Asia. Throughout history, man has derived a lot from natural resources for instance water ...

Thinking and Acting Differently

Thinking and acting differently is a personal decision that we all have to make since there is no guarantee to succeed by reading inspirational books or listening to motivational speakers. A difference takes place through the actions and decisions ...

Tobacco Should Be Banned in the U.S.

It has become fashion today for individual representatives, governments, and organizations to denounce smoking. However, even though force and other coercive methods have been used, this drug continues to grow deep into the society. In the United ...


This is in regards to an article published in your local daily entitled "UCLA will not punish a student for her anti-Asian rant". In the article, it was indicated that through the university's chancellor for student affairs Janina Montero, the ...

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