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The Proverb Explanation

The proverb says: “As many languages you know – as many times you are a man”. I do agree with it. That is why; when I had to decide which course to take, I didn`t hesitate even a minute. To my mind, English language is international language and is very important. It is much easier to communicate with other people knowing English language. However, as any other, English has its own peculiarities, that make it difficult to learn. The general conclusion I did after I had completed the course was that English is the language with the hardest grammar system. If the person wants to learn it perfectly, he should be in the constant process of developing. English courses helped me a lot. The peculiarity of the course was focus made on different aspects of the language. This allowed to form the general evaluated background of the language.

Being not a native speaker, the first difficulty I have faced was building the sentence structure. My mistake was tracing the structure from my native language. As a result, the general idea was understood only by the people, who speak my language. During the course I had improved my English, it become more fluent and natural. Of course, I had to spend much time learning phrasal verbs and sme idioms; find the definitions of the words and give for them my own translation, in order to understand them better; find synonyms, antonyms and homonyms. However, the time was not wasted in vain. Nevertheless, I have to admit, that I have achieved this success due to the teachers and their techniques.

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Secondly, I met challenges with grammar. It was always difficult for me to identify which tense is more appropriate to use. Due to the course, I have combined the general system of the tenses and properly evaluated each of them. In addition, now I gained the feeling of the language and use the tenses without thinking which one to use.

Thirdly, it was not an easy task for me to write academic works. The thing was, that my essays didn`t have the proper structure. If to compare my first works to last, it can be seen huge differences. I didn`t use any transitions in the first papers, due to this my essays were not easy readable. I have taken to consideration the tutor`s advice to use more transitions and now my essays are better. What is more, I have learnt where it is necessary to put coma and punctuation marks in general. As I am not the native speaker, while putting punctuation marks, I had taken to consideration the rules that are in my native language, however they are different to those that are in English. That is why; my essays were always full of punctuation mistakes. At last, talking about my previous academic works, they didn`t have a clear thesis statement in the introduction part. My mistake was that I have paid too much attention to the details in the introductory part and the thesis statement was not clear among them. As the result, the introductory part was similar to the main part, where the thesis statement was to be supported. In addition, the whole essay was not clear. Now, before writing I define the outline of the work and briefly summarize each part. This helps me to keep track and follow the plan, as I was taught in my English courses.

At last, as any other student, I always had the problem with plagiarism. Now, I have completely solved this problem. If I want to use the good idea I try to paraphrase it properly. What is more, I have worked with the citation systems, which also allow to avoid plagiarism.

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To conclude, the English 3001 class helped me a lot. I have definitely improved my English skills and properly implied my knowledge in life today. Now I become more confident in my English and am willing to improve it in the future.

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