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The Perfect Video Game

As a kid of someone who grew up with video games, I got to know Mario and Luigi, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Bomber Man, Mega Man, Zelda and the rest of our old school friends. I tried playing those games and I would say these classic favorites helped improve the future of video games. Then came, the Street Fighter era, which innovated the 2-player fighting game and made it a mega success worldwide. It was followed by the generation of RPG’s from which was made famous by the Final Fantasy Franchise. And from there, 2D improved to 3D and was more improved to a higher resolution and we are now on the High Definition era.

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In creating the perfect video game, we have to start from the most basic and transcend to the beta phase, which is most likely, a trial version. From here we can find all the bugs and the flaws that we need to remove and improve. After the beta version is improved, it is then given to another department for review and classification. In that department, the games are classified into PG (for kids below 18) and R, which is for older gamers.

As a gamer myself, my love for sports affected my choice of games. Namely basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, mixed martial arts are on the list of games in my console. Growing up with video games made me see the growth, transition and improvement of the technology created by our favorite game creators. It’s something that we have to be happy about since we are all kids at heart. And being able to play those old school favorites is such an honor for a video game connoisseur like me for it brought joy to my father when he played them, the same way I enjoy playing my generation’s games.

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