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Tearoom Grill Employees

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As you know most customers regard giving tips to waiters as an optional deed; most of them opt not to give any tip at all. This in turn has made the waiters income considerably low because of the high percentage of tips given that constitute our income. We are therefore requesting you as the manager to consider including the dining gratuity charges in the customer bill to cater for tips that are part of the waiter’s income.

Most restaurants in the world today have decided to include tips in the bill; example of these restaurants are the new catch 22 in Toronto and Hoopla restaurant among other restaurants. This is an easy thing to do because all they have done is put the dining gratuity guidelines in the bill to explain to the customers the percentage of the bill that goes to paying the waiters wages. This eliminates the arguments that are raised by customers when they are asked to give a tip to the waiter attending to them. As you have noticed many customers are not willing to give tips to waiters because they feel it is optional and a favor to the waiter.  This will also cater for the charges that the waiters are deducted to pay for the customer’s credit card charges once they opt to pay using a credit card. By agreeing to this you will be helping your loyal employees to earn a stable income because we are assured that the portion of our income that comprises of tips will be paid for. This in turn will make us more productive as employees because a good pay is always a good motivator to employees.

We really hope as your employees that you will give this humble request a consideration.

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Tearoom Grill Employees

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