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Self Evaluation Memorandum

My writing goal for this memorandum is to depict my talent as a writer and my achievements as a student in a classroom. I possess a variety of qualities that enhance my capabilities as a writer and an active member in our classroom. However, I experience some problems as a writer and a student in our classroom, which I should put more effort to overcome. I hope the reader will find the memorandum significant in providing my clear picture as a writer and as a member of a classroom.

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I possess a talent in writing, which I have proved several times through writing incredible articles, term papers, and dissertations. I understand a variety of writing styles that areappropriate for writing any piece of work. In addition, I have an excellent command of English language, and I am extremely creative when it comes to writing narratives.

However, I do not have enough skills in keyboarding, which hinders my typing speed. I need to do enough practice regarding keyboarding so that I can be able to write as many term papers, dissertations, and articles as possible. Keyboarding lessons will improve my skills on how to type at a standard or high pace.

I am an active member of our classroom when it comes to studies as well as adhering to the classroom rules and regulations. I score well in humanities and languages, and I believe thhat I am talented in this subjects.

However, I score poorly in mathematics and science subjects because I have never had an interest toward understanding them. Therefore, I need to have an interest toward these subjects and do enough research in order to show improvements in my scores.

Therefore, I believe that my strengths as a writer outweighs weaknesses because once I master a keyboard, I will type proficiently and write many papers. Likewise, my strengths as a member of our classroom outweigh weakness I only need to have interest and put an effort to understand mathematics and science.     


Buy custom Self Evaluation Memorandum essay paper cheap

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