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My Personal Stress Management Plan

Stress is an external or internal force affecting a person. It occurs in our daily life and affects our ways of living. There is a need to avoid or if possible reduce stress. Stress can be either positive or negative, depending on the prevailing condition. Personal stress management assists a person to be informed of the part of life affecting him/her. Stress management helps people come up with ideas on how to avoid stress by focusing on the things they like most.

The table below shows the things that I am tolerating and procrastinating in my life.

Tolerating Procrastinating
Reading Washing
Watching (like football, movies) Traveling in a public bus
Listening to music Noise
Taking a ride Jokers
Socializing Lies
Sleeping Politics
Swimming Having no capital

The top stressor of my life is noise. It is caused by my roommate, who likes loud, hard music. Her relationship is full of drama, as most of the time she argues in the room making the situation unbearable. A little noise is good for the brain, but when it is too much, it makes the mind overfilled and even causes headache. It may result into emotional, physical, and psychological stress. The emotions will be attracted towards anger that one may feel for the person causing the discomfort. In terms of psychological impact, it affects the peaceful nature of environment I am staying in, as I usually feel depressed when I think of going back to my room.

I would like the problem be solve through dialogue, because it is a safe and friendly manner of resolving a conflict. Moreover, by using this conflict management tactic, the two sides have a chance to present their views and chart the way forward. This should take place in the presence of a student leader and an administrative representative. Currently, I have organized a meeting between my roommate and me in a private place within the school compound under the presence of the leaders. I hope that the meeting will be successful. As far as I understand, my roommate is also going through a stressful situation and is using noise to avoid it. To my mind, she needs counseling, and I hope that the conflict will be resolved and we will be enjoying each other’s company as soon as she receives the necessary counseling.

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In the next five days I will do the following to avoid stress:

Day of week Plan
Monday Reading: motivation books, relaxing
Tuesday Doing class work, watching movie
Wednesday Socializing, listening to music
Thursday Swimming, reading (personal)
Friday Taking a ride, watching, reading

In conclusion, the daily activities determine the stress outcome in either a positive or negative manner. For us to get a positive feedback, we have to think of positive activities. The power of attraction state that when we think of positive or negative, then things will be positive or negative, because it depends on what is in the mind.

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