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My Core Values

My core values are loyalty, respect, caring and trustworthiness. These are very important virtues, which enhances my quest of attaining the preset goals in life. These values became my core values in various ways. First, respect is a very important virtue, which fosters ones pursuance of the intended goals. My parents taught me on the importance of respect, and thus this value is part of me. In exercising professionalism, respect plays a very crucial role in that I show other people that they are highly important; treat all people equally and with high esteem.

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Respecting other people makes, them feel good and in return, accord me the necessary respect I deserve. By upholding the recommended respect at all times, I am able to alleviate the vices such rudeness, which are detrimental to my aspirations. The important aspects in life such as workplaces, education, and live commands respect of the highest order (Bossert, 2001). Respecting the rights of all people with the social status notwithstanding is paramount. I therefore, lea the way in advocating and fighting for the rights of the less privileged in the society.

Loyalty plays an important part in my life, in exercising loyalty; I am able to make an important personal sacrifice, which strengthens my relationship with my relatives and friends. In pursuance of my profession, I achieve my goals within a shorter span owing to my loyalty to the employer and work. Loyalty enables me to win the trust and confidence of my employer, fellow workers, and the people around me. Due to this, my friends are always available to assist me whenever I am in need (Shalako, 2008).

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Caring is an important perspective which enhances my mutual relationship with the people surrounding me. This fosters the creation of a tranquil and a peaceful environment. In my daily routines, I do respect the properties, rights, and the personnel I encounter. I care for all people by meeting their needs. This makes them feel loved and thus they are always open and free to discuss with me several crucial issues.

Trustworthy is aan important value, which inculcates trust in people. Trustworthiness wins the confidence of the bosses and thus the bosses may easily delegate some responsibilities to me. In order to gain trust from my bosses, I exercise my responsibilities with diligence and professionalism of the highest order hence accomplished the assigned tasks in a timely manner. Furthermore, I do gain trust by following the stipulated code of conduct whilst exercising the virtue of honesty at all times (Brown, 2004).

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In the event whereby my bosses influence me to engage in activities which goes against my values, I may change my values. These cases include the scenarios where my bosses may influence me to disregard some procedures in discharging my responsibilities. Under such situations, I may change my values such as the respect and loyalty. In this case, respecting the directive of my bosses will contradict with the office etiquette amounting to the abuse of office. I will not respect the directive of my bosses under such challenging situations.

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