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Masters in Business

I consider having a strong career background in business as the major reason behind my wish to enroll for a business course at the Lakeland College. I am interested in the field of business because I have a strong passion for business related studies, which I drew from various observations that I have made around the world. The essence f my desire emanate from my first encounter with real economics after reading a book titled misunderstanding by Larry Lang who is a renowned economist. I believe that studying this course will enable me come face to face with various economic issues that the society encounters on a day-to-day basis. This will in turn offer me an opportunity to collaborate with other people in search of solutions. I am also enthusiastic about economics, especially when it comes to international market dynamics. My keen interest is usually focused on understanding how international business is conducted among different countries or regions around the world. This is because I believe that business drives the world in many ways.

Research is a vital academic undertaking that I believe has the potential to change the society in many ways. I believe that such undertakings are particularly crucial in business relaed endeavors. Therefore, I am confident that Lakeland College has a suitable environment to enable me do research in various areas in the field of business. This is because the institution is reputed for its quality in terms of education it offers. Besides, I have a lot of interest when it comes to researching and analyzing different economy related issues.

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Having done Global Pathway as a course at Northeastern University, I developed vital research skills. I was successfully able to write a capstone research project on principals of macroeconomics and pre-calculus, hence gaining a lot of knowledge about how to write a successful academic research paper. This is because I gained enough basic skills that are required when researching and writing reports about a particular project. In this line, I also participated in various programs where I contributed in different ways. During the weekends, I used to volunteer at a local child center and some time at a food bank. This gave me a real feeling of how business can be integrated with life, especially in terms of improving the standards of living by having better economic environments. In addition, I learnt how to interact with people hence improving my observation skills that enable me relate things easily and accurately.

Countries that are big businesswise mainly influence the global economy. Therefore, I believe that having a Chinese background will offer me an opportunity to study the Chinese business dynamics since the country does a lot of trade with most if not all countries around the world. Therefore, I will be able to relate culture and traditions with business and establish different phenomena associated with them. Being an adept in English speaking and writing gives me an advantage of pursuing this course. This is because the course is offered in English language, hence posing no risk of ineffective learning because of a language barrier. Moreover, my first encounter with the Chinese economy was courtesy the Larry Lang book that talks about problem contradictions. This will enable me learn international business better.

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During free time, I like listening to music and playing tennis as well as painting. In addition, I can pay a violin, thus showing my interest in music too. In other words, I m interested in artwork. I believe that the Lakeland College is the best place for me to pursue my career dreams and at the same time enjoy education alongside my hobbies. I am looking forward to your consideration.

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