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I believe that charity begins at homes and that is why I appreciate the fact that I learned how to sew from my grandmother. With a loving hand she would guide my virgin hands as I designed clothing for my Barbie dolls, not knowing that those tiny hands would one day design high end fashion. Watching seasons of Project Runway through high school and discovering my favorite designers in fashion icons like: Stella McCartney, Rodarte, Issey Miyake, and Cristian LaCroix inspired me to express myself through drawing and designing fashion. It was not until I had gone off to college though, that I had the realization that I should pursue a career in fashion

Being a fashion student at SCAD, I strive to keep all my senses open to feel every crease in a fabric, see every swirl of a dress, smell the perfection in every stitch, hear the ecstatic laughter of a satisfied client and taste the sweetness of success. I will always be open to new ideas and welcome any chances to grow as a person and as an artist. I decided to compete in several student competitions during my first year at SCAD primarily because I believed in myself and am gladthat others took notice since I did win one of those competitions. I am really proud that today young students in Sierra Leone walk proudly to school donning my creation. It is remarkable that as a designer I was impacting someone else. The opportunity was amazing and I learned a lot about the denim industry as I had the opportunity to visit the denim mill that provided the fabric for the uniforms.

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Outside of SCAD, I have had a summer job at a library in my hometown where I got to read through fashion magazines and at the same time I had a chance to learn how to communicate with others and express myself. Whilst at SCAD, I do wardrobe for senior films and photo shoots with other students and the experience I got from my stint at the library comes in handy. I think it’s a great way to collaborate with others and to make a name for myself in those departments. I also do a lot of community service. At home, I volunteer at a church camp for weeks at a time and I have been on over 10 mission trips. In Savannah, I volunteer at the Humane Society once a week. I feel that it’s my duty to give back because I am very fortunate to be living the life I havve though I feel that I have not reached my full potential.

I plan on interning this upcoming summer (2012) besides living out my aspirations. I am interested in interning at a higher end company that shares similar aesthetics and ethical aspirations as I do, such as Stella McCartney. I enjoy designing for the feminine frame and Stella McCartney is the queen of femininity so I am sure I will get an all round firsthand experience from interning in this company. My aspiration after graduating from SCAD, is to have a job in the fashion industry working as a design assistant in New York, the fashion capital of the world.

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My long term goals absolutely push me to be a better person and seek for the very best that I can offer. If I received a scholarship, the money would go towards funding an internship since transportation costs to attend interviews and living expenses are out of reach for me. I believe that interning is one of the most important things to do before graduating and an internship in New York would unlock my full potential and open doors for me to refine my skills into becoming the next big fashion designer.

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