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Autobiography about Me

My name is......., a black girl, who was born to be successful. I was born and grew in down the hill of mount airy Maryland in north hills. Our family was made of four children, one daughter and four boys, but unfortunately two are already deceased. I graduated from south Carroll high school, and had dreams of becoming a famous singer since I loved singing, and have my own baby girl in future. I knew I would succeed in life with this dream of being a singer, but I had a problem that my family did not know except me. I was a shy girl and lacked confidence, and this made my dream as an international singer unaccomplished. I was unable to perform in front of any audience, but only my bathroom mirror since I knew my image in the mirror would never disagree with me, and will never disprove with me.

Although I was a shy and unconfident girl when I was young, a reason that made my dream as an ambitious singer unaccomplished I managed to be a mother of four beautiful children, one girl and three boys. My daughter Tam, who was born thirty two years ago when I was still a teenager, has grown with self confidence, charm and pose, characteristics that I instilled her. I knew she was to be successful just like me that is why I tried all my best to support her in everything she wanted, something my mother did not do when I was a teenager. On top of that, she has won many competitions in school. She was crowned Miss Mountain High and Miss Aloha. She has also won as a first runner up in the competition of Miss Gi State Pageant. She has also appeared in production of two movies, television shows, and Broadway, things she had always dreamt of for her future.

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With all this success in her life, she learns that self confidence is essential in one's career. She realizes that she is confident, which empowers her to use her talents that god has given her. This always reminds me of my life as a young girl when I was using my bathroom mirror as my audience since I lacked the confidence to stand before people, and wished that my mother did to me what I did to my daughter. She would have instilled confidence in me that would help me become a star, so that I would never give up on my dreams and inspirations of becoming a singer.

However, I look at my ddaughter now and see that am blessed to have a successful, lovely and confident young lady as my only daughter. I am proud of her, not only because of her successful life but also because she boosted my efforts down. In addition, I have also supported my some in accomplishing his dream as a body builder. He is also successful in life, and I’m proud of him too. He is also confident; a feature that helped him in achieving what he always wanted to do in life.

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Apart from being a mother who instilled value to her children so that they can be stars, I am a grandparent of six. These grandchildren consist of five girls and one boy, whereby four of them are aged one, one twelve years old, and one six years old. I am also a full time student, and still work full time. I am also a real estate agent during my part time. I like travelling to new placesand spending time with my fiancée who I love very much. I love dogs, and one named puff, and I would like it to be humorous instead of boring. As a mother, my main focus is to encourage the young people to be confident, in what one desire to do and not give up easily.

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