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Public Relations and Customer Satisfaction Data

With effect from 4/10/12 our esteemed business intends to sale its oil products from house to house. This is because there is a new product we have introduced. Therefore, we are looking forward to inform the customers on how the product is used. Our enterprise has chosen on personal selling as a way of promoting products because it is cost effective and also customers are able to understand adequately the process of using the products.

Field Brook Oil Enterprise is aiming at reaching both the literate and illiterate. Essentially, we are driven by high cases of cancer among the aged who consume a lot of oil unknowingly. We would like to educate women on the amount of oil they should use while cooking food.

This product was discovered by one of our managers during a workshop of manufacturers in Hornfield. We believe that our customers will benefit when our salespeople interact with them. Moreover, we are targeting customers from rural areas as we even carry out a pilot test for our new product. We hope that the product will be useful to the customers and any complain that arises we are ready to adjust and ensure that consumers are not exploited.

We are looking forward to cooperate with your office to ensure proper customer satisfaction by delivering quality goods and services.


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