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Operation Management


I am an acting manager within the human resource department of the Mildshires Teaching hospital located in the United Kingdom. My area of responsibility includes recruitment, selection, monitoring performances and evaluation of non-clinical staff that operate within the hospital. Management is an essential part in understanding the way to relate with customers in any institution (Ashworth 1992).

Problems and Issues

For the last half year, complaints have emanated from patients via questionnaires and in person through complaint procedures in which they have aired their grievances arising from the specialist clinics. The main complaints are delays at the reception desk delays in the starting of the clinics the staff at some point are incapacitated in meeting customer demands, in some occasions the staff has been rude to clients and delays in obtaining new appointments. The main problems are, therefore, brought forth by the laziness and lack of proper relationships between the employees and the patients. On further deliberations, I decided look at the work experience of the employees over the rate at which their output will be. This is a key aspect in gaining knowledge on how to manage the employee employer relationship (Christensen 1947). In looking at this, assumptions used the experience that I had gathered while in my office. The main idea that I put forth is that the way the employee relates to the employer and the patient is usually a determining factor in the management (Lewis 2003). In classical economics under operations management, in order to ascertain whether the employees are giving out the best output it is essential to monitor the way that they relate to individual customers. This is a key indicator in gaining knowledge of the outlook of an employee (Miller 1991). Task 2: Evaluation of the Problems and the Evidence.

Due to the problems abovementioned my main task would be to find diagnosis and to create a system that would help to stop the problems. Therefore, I carried out a further research on the problem. This in operations management is essential in gaining the actual data and problem (Waters 1999). These problems are major in many institutions and this part of the report would seek to evaluate the problems and give evidence to the evaluation. One of my purposes is to determine the problem causes in order to conclude a way forward. The main problems according to my earlier research are that the experience of some of the employees may be inadequate to operate in this section of the hospital. The majority of the employees in the problematic section is either inadequate due to knowledge of their different posts that they are posted regarding the job that they do. The way that the employees give out their services is usually dependent on experience (Cocking 1995). The appropriate data that I initially gathered was summarized in the table below.

Table 1: Work Experience, Selection Test Sore and Performance

Employee Experience (years) Score on Selection Test Performance at work (score 1-10)
A 5 21 8
B 8 24 9
C 5 19 6
D 4 17 4
E 2 23 3
F 4 16 5
G 9 21 7
H 10 23 8
I 6 22 8
J 13 16 7
K 12 14 5
L 9 17 7
M 2 12 4
N 3 22 6
O 7 18 7


As portrayed by the table, it is clear that the number of years is usually very important in gauging the work experience of the employees. This is an important factor in trying to decipher the main problem with this part of the hospital. An instance is the employee abbreviated as M having an experience of 2 years in the work place. The performance at work is equal to four (Krishnamurthy 2007). When this is compared to employee abbreviated as H with an experience of over 10 years of work experience, the score comes to eight. This serving to rove the experience of an employee is usually a key aspect in the work area. In a bid to further the research more, I applied the correlation method to ascertain the relationship between the two variables, in order to prove their relationship.

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From the above linear charts, it is evident that the experience is a key factor in the work performance. However, the fact is not constant in all cases, and this indicates that there may be other factors, which could be affecting the performance of the employees. Moreover, when the employees’ selection test score is compared to their performance, major variations are seen thereby necessitating the need to evaluate other factors that call for a solution so as   to improve the employees’ performance. This is adequate in augmenting the working force of the company (Bicheno 1997). From the findings, it is evident that the experience of the employees is not only the matter that suppresses the work output of the employees, but in addition, there are the poor decision makings by the employees and competencies by employees in the institution. These assumptions have been further proven a key factor, since they are evident in my research. Therefore, experience is a key factor (Pycraft, 2000).

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Findings, with Implications for the Current Problem

From the above findings, it is evident that the outputs of the employees are greatly affected by many factors. Therefore, if they are not looked into in a keen way, it may lead to numerous problems in the institution as a whole. These findings are necessary in the hospital, since they will help to find a way out and sort out the menace of patient complaints. The matter is additionally important in ensuring that the hospital maintains a positive outlook in the health care industry. The findings are additionally reliable, since I used the actual data in gauging the employee output over in an examination over the number of years that they have worked in the institution.

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From the previously mentioned problems, the only way of solving them is through ensuring that the work outputs more and the queues in the hospital are managed better. The other solutions are to reduce the time that is taken from one stage to the other; this will ensure that the experiences of the patients in the hospital will be overly ensured to be great.

Additional Information

The hospital needs to incorporate more ideas to maintain more and include experienced personnel to cater for the management of the troubled sector. This will ensure that the hospital will maintain a fair outlook in the hospital industry as a whole. The information in the analysis needs further clarification on the way the employees and patients should further be grouped, so as to ensure knowledge adequacy in terms of ideas and flow of work due to good cooperation. This research is adequate in creating a good, if not excellent outlook for the hospital and employees in the market. I further seek to bring out the best services for patients who visit the institution. The analysis needs further research as well as broadening of the methodology so as to give out the best results.

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