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Human Resource Professionals

Human resource professionals have a variety of overlapping responsibilities putting them under a lot of pressure to be answerable to many challenges facing the human resource department. They are the advocates for the workers, the society, and the company. A good human resource manager acts as to meet the needs of all stakeholders. A normal working day for a human resource manager comprises of many activities, which include impromptu meetings with different stakeholders, attending meetings, sending and replying to letters and emails and communicating to the company staff and members on every new development that is likely to affect the company. In their daily encounters, they encounter a variety ofinteresting questions of which they are expected to give answers.

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Some damn questions definitely call for damn answers but in all contexts, he must communicate the answer effectively. The most surprising answer by a human resource manager is the one responding to closing for lent, the answer to which was yes, for all the 40 days. This is quite unusual unless it is actually in a church environment, which is also unlikely to occur. One may also wonder why a person may want to close business and go for lent for all those days.

The second dumbest request by the company’s CEOs to cancel all the sick people from the insurance to which the human resource professional responds that if theey cancel they will have to start with the CEO who proposed it because he/she is always sick.

It is definitely damn to ask if the employees must wear underwear. To which the HR replies, yes, during the working hours. In my opinion, this is optional as long as it does not interfere with your own comfort and that of your colleagues.

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The worst morning crises in a working environment is the one on question 4, where an employee was found unconscious and naked in a motel room and with a prostitute. This can be very shocking especially because it is not easy to gather what happened and why. It is not easy to know if the employee was a victim or he was just caught doing what he does best.

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