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Database Management

Database management involves using a database management system software to create maintain and use databases. A database is a collection of tables and each table is associated with an entity. The tables keep the attributes of particular entities. The tables that exist in a database are related because the information contained in them is about a particular entity and it is separated in to different table so that redundancy can be avoided and also ensure that the data contained in those tables is has integrity and consistency (Codd, 1970). The data contained in a table is arranged in rows and column. A column identifies the field name or a particular attibute while the rows indentify a unique entity. The uniqueness is as a result of using primary keys while relationship is enhanced by use of foreign keys. In designing a database a language called database description language is used. It is composed of English like commands.

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To produce a report that will display all the above fields, select key word which an SQL keyword is used to fetch the data from the database depending on how it is specified (Seltzer, 2008). The first option is to use the “*” but this will select every thing (Taylor, 2010). The other option is to use the syntax and then specify the fields you want to; DBDL

Select marina number, name, address, city, state, zip code from marina where marina number=””

The above statement is the same as Select * from marina where marina number=””

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Diagram for the boat owner


Select owner number, last name, first name, address, city, state, zip code from boat owner where owner number =””

The above statement is the same as Select * from boat owner a where owner number =””

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