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Business Management and Leadership

Employees of business entities are a critical component necessary for the attainment of the business goal and objects, either in the short term or long term. Akay (2006) confirms this by asserting that employees are a critical entity of business enterprises as they engage in activities focused in the achievement of business goal. For this reason, it is necessary for a business organization to recruit the qualified and experience staff who in a position to assume various roles as assigned to them in the organization. As a result, organizations must have recruiting section or departments led by recruiting manager and tasked with performing recruitment and training of new staff (Savall, 2010).

Role of a manager

With the new organization in need of a new manager to lead the service division, the organization is presented with an opportunity to recruit a manager who is able to plan, organize, lead and control both the staff and business operations under him. The success of the services division will therefore be hinged on the competencies of the manager who will be responsible for heading the service section.

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Characteristic and experience of incoming manager

The incoming manager must be able to perform all roles necessary to steer the service division in line with the organizations goals. Therefore, it is expected that the successful manger must have both skills and experience that warrant the success of the division. The incoming manger is anticipated to be a good planner. Spear (2010) asserts that, planning entails the carrying of actions by managers with believes that specific goals will met in the process. In this case, the successful recruit must exhibit ability to define the section's mission statement, generate strategies  and implement programs necessary for the success of the service section.

It is also necessary for the incoming manager to posess skills and ability to organize the services section by developing its structure so as to successfully implement the strategies developed through planning as seen above. The ability to organize is an essential element of a competent manager as it allows the manager to determine the direction in which the business moves to through proper choice of business undertakings. For organization to succeed, the new manager must be able to envision the intended input and consequently assign roles to other staff by delegating authority as well as responsibility (Lussier, 2008).

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Additionally, the successful recruit should be able to demonstrate good leadership skills in order to lead the new service section when once employed. With leadership skills, the incoming manager will use his or her skills to influence the staff by giving clear instruction as well as motivating employees. According to DuBrin (2000), managers motivate workers by influencing them into putting more effort into their work. It is needful then to screen the applicants for any past performance that was achieved by the applicants, through the use of motivation strategies. The potential manager for the service division should also possess good communication skills and intrapersonal skills; a necessary ingredient for shaping constructive relationship within the organization as well as with the business partners (Dubrin, 2000).For this reason, the chosen applicants should be confident and able to persuade other employees.

Without the ability to control, a given manager will not be in the position of carrying out assessment and monitoring of business activities. Through control, successful managers ensure that the business operations are in line with the set standards of achievement. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit a manager who has the ability of identifying variation in performance and developing and applying intervention measures to corrrect the situations (Daft, 2009). The ability to direct is therefore necessary trait to be looked for in the potential manager. 

Checklist for potential managers

Managers are responsible for the acquirement of resources such as finance and human personnel in order to develop common relationship between the organizations stakeholder as well as the stake seekers (Heath, 1997). It is thus evident that managers must be able to takes up their roles in the organization and use their skills and management functions to achieve the desired goals. However, for the new organization, the ability of the applicants to answer some questions on management and leadership will prove the competencies in regard with the vacant managerial post. The applicants must therefore be able to describe or prove that

Ø  They have the power to concentrate on the big picture as well as perceive opportunities that may emerge.

Ø  They are in a position to generate multiple alternatives through the use of available data in order to provide contingencies when need be.

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Ø  They have good time management skills and are able to provide an effective run of information at all levels of the business.

Ø  They realize how people work and that they can generate, apply and review a number of motivation strategies in the workplace to enhance productivity.

Ø  That they are able to adapt to changes in the internal and external business environment and  

Ø  That they possess the willingness to move in new direction when need be.

Recruitment is a critical process in any organization as it associated with the performance of the organization. It is therefore crucial to ensure that managers have the experience and ability to plan business operations, organize resources and lead the staff as well as directing all activities. 

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