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The Extraordinary Cabman

Logos, Pathos and ethos are all rhetorical means of persuasion with a general purpose of winning the client. In logos the persuasion appeal is logical; in pathos the persuasion appeal is based on the emotion while in ethos the persuasion is made based on the character of the speaker.

The extra ordinary cabman story opens with the avenue having pathos persuasion. Chesterton, uses this rhetoric style purposely to appeals for appreciation for his contribution in the nation is pathos in nature. The statements that he had found that his meaning was better expressed by some practical parable out of daily life than by any other method is too emotional and personal.

Chesterton, on the other hand uses logos persuasion is purposely to challnge his group at the luncheon, when a sharp argument begins among the four friends he take control and dominate it to the end . The discussion has logical statements which are self explanatory. Even though some statements are conflicting logic reasoning is maintained. Every one develops his objective and addresses them logically .For instance, the question about certainty for example, is a distinguished talk which is discussed with logical statements. Venue after venue the ideas are expressed and concluded that if one never experienced green then he can't say that his nose is green.

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Chesterton, uses Ethos persuasion again ,when the cabman moves toward the House of Commons to show how They are received with a lot of respect because they were in company of member of House of Commons. The police receive them warmly and address them greatly. After leaving the house of common a sharp argument between the cabman and the orator springs up. The cabman is portrayed as dishonest and Allier

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In conclusion the story of cabman uses the rhetorical persuasive methods to describe the key characters as wise and professionals. It uses the logical persuasive statement to show that the key characters wise and sharp In addition, it uses the pathos persuasive to appeal to portray how the narrator had contributed toward the achievement of the newspaper. last but not the least ,ethos is also demonstrated when the cabman charges more than expected his character of dish honest and liar is exposed.

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