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Writing about Poetry

Writing about poetry can be considered to be one of the most challenging duties that one can face in any given literature session. By the very virtue and nature of poetry, it normally creates a challenge on any given writer who tries to carry out an analysis on its overall structure other than the existing literature. The overall art of poetry writing can ideally take two forms interchangeably, and in this case it means that the process can be simple or even complicated. One has to start by practicing the acquired rhyming skills, and proceed to writing on ideas that are probing in the mind, and of interest. To achieve high stand of Writing about Poetry, there is a specific outline that needs to be followed or observed for the purpose of bringing out the exact supposed meaning. This outline consists of:

  1. Theme of the poem
  2. Genreof the poem
  3. Versification
  4. Figures of speech
  5. Cultural Context

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