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The Texas Culture

Each nation irrespective of her geographical location has her own unique social, economic and political culture that is used in the running the activities of the nation; this however greatly depends on the constitution of the nation and the government structure. Some of the most common government structures are democratic, republic, monarchy and dictatorship government structures. There are also those nations that have a devolved system of government where the nation is divided into regions that operate independently from the central government; the United States of America is such a nation. This essay paper is going to focus on the culture of one region in this great nation; Texas. The paper will explain the ways in which Texas' individualistic and traditionalistic culture has impacted the structure of the state government and the reasons the people support such a structure.

According to Glenn, one of the challenges that the Texan government has to struggle with is the rapid increase in the population of the African Americans and Hispanic most of whom don't have access to quality education. The question that most people ask is how the individualistic has and traditionalist cultures impacted the structure of the state government. To understnd this, it is important to first look at the characteristics of these two different cultures. Some of the characteristics of the individualistic culture are that people who belong to this culture are more focused on the economic opportunities than anything else. In addition to that most persons are more focused on pursuing individual goals rather than the interest of the community. Politicians are not "welcomed" in this culture because they are viewed are servants of the big boys only interested in the resources of people. It is a private culture (sfasu).

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The case is however different when it comes to the traditionalist culture. Under this culture, more focus is given in the protection of the elite members of the society by controlling the activities of the African Americans and Hispanics. This is a perfect example of racial discrimination or neo colonialism. The traditionalist culture is also more centered on rigid zoning practices where they have more emphasis on legal restrictions and also politics is given more attention as compared to the individualistic culture (sfasu). This means that the leadership of the region is entrusted in the hands of the elite members of the community but who enjoy protection from the government of the day. Thhe question therefore is how have this two cultures impacted the structure of the state government and the reasons the people support such a structure.

According to Elazar, the political, social and economic activities of Texas as based on the two cultures and therefore the administrators had to come up with one hybrid culture that incorporates both the traditionalistic and individualistic cultures. This means that when it comes to composition of government committees to implement different policies, the organizers must make sure that they incorporate representatives from the two sides to champion for the rights of "their" people. The reason as to why people support this type of administrative culture is that it enables it people to participate directly in the matters related to the development of the region.

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There is however one major limitation to this culture; as indicated in the paper more than half the population of Texas is made up of African American and Hispanics and they are viewed as uneducated, this means that they are not allowed to participate fully in the implementation of government social, economic and political policies since these two cultures are for the elite members of the Texas society (Alberto and La Ferreira).

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