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The Politics of Women’s Bodies: Sexuality, Appearance and Behaviour

Women scholars have focused on how the female body and ideas on the female body impact the women’s lives’. This paper aims to integrate the woman’s sexuality, appearance and behaviour from varied sources. Women have played an important in impacting power relations between men and women. It is hence termed to as a power tool in the political struggle (Vaughn I. Rickert, Aug., 2002). The knowledge of the women’s sexuality is significant to advancing effective and efficient interventions to develop sexual health.

As we develop it becomes of the essence to advance and acquire a beneficial sexual health. It is composed of the features of skills that are applied when managing feelings of sexual arousal and managing the outcome of sexual behaviour, in addition to the advancement of emerging forms of sexual intimacy. With the complexity that it is associated to it, research has included the focus of teenager’s sexual trend; moreover, the research has looked into the impact of sexual behaviour.

The ability of a woman to pass information concerning her sexuality more efficiently concerning her sexual belief and wants; is important for her advancement health wise and is necessary to communicate better. Societies where men are the ones meant to initiate sexual intimacy and the women are left to reciprocate places a clear mode for communication of what they belief in and want. If not it may lead to unwanted pregnancy and sexually contracted diseases. This leads to their assertiveness; women have a right to make decisions concerning their body. Research has shown that the beliefs and attitudes on sex are minimal. Women are bound to receive a negative response from men when they turn down their sexual advances. Moreover, the ability to initiate a sexual intimacy led to the increased capability to have sex. It does not come out clearly as to how the population characteristics like race and the tribe or the behaviours like several sexual partners impacted on the sexuality.

Sexual beliefs, tendencies and modes that involve being assertive involve getting knowledge concerning preventive pregnancy and the sexual transmitted diseases; acquiring health values, attitudes and behaviours that impact positively.

Feminism began in the 1970s where women in the west obtained legal and reproductive rights, higher education, joined the trades and professions and changed the traditional beliefs concerning their social statue (GILLESPIE, January 1993). The more educated women enjoyed a freedom not found anywhere; they fail to agree that something so small that dealt with the appearance of the body, faces, hair, and clothes had so much of a concern. Even with the guilt and shame that they face there is something more important, that has to do with a connection between liberation and beauty of the woman.

Legal and material hindrances women have been accustomed to having had an impact on us. The advancement associated with women has stopped, presently they are confused and tiredness. In the past, women broke the powr structure hence led to a poor eating disorder and speedy cosmetic surgery. Women took powerful positions though felt low on their physical attribution. Research has demonstrated that in most of the successful woman, there is a hidden aspect that is spoiling their freedom it is composed of beauty, self-hatred, physical obsession, aging and loss of managing oneself.

The beauty of women is applied as a tool that works against the development of them; this is known as the beauty myth. It is the new mode of the social aspect that has been applicable since the industrial revolution. In the process of releasing themselves from the beauty myth that gained back what it lost. It hence grew to accomplish its task. The beauty ideology is the last item that has gotten power over women. It has controlled over women’s psychology.

This aspect is working to impact feminism in all forms. Feminists who got support from Friedan ended the women’s press for products of the household that were developing the female ideology; what they eat and skin products became the emerging cultural censors of the intelligence. The sexual revolution developed the knowledge of the female sexuality; “beauty pornography” that attempts to link beauty and sexuality which attempts to look down upon women’s vulnerable sense of sexual advantage.

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According to the beauty myth, beauty is objective and universal where women desire to embody and men to have it. Men who are strong fight for women who are beautiful who are more successful. Their beauty has to go hand in hand with their fertility (WOLF, 1991). Though termed to as false, beauty is like a symbol that is determined by a certain thing. Women are meant to compete for something that men have kept for themselves.

According to some not so long research, adolescence is a significant point in the advancement of the psychological disempowerment for most women. In their development to womanhood, girls lose their ability to feel and see as they are meant to be perfect women in this stage of life. It is at this point that girls are seen as sexual beings and the sexuality aspect plays a part of their lives. When girls reach their adolescent, they start to eliminate femininity so as to maintain cultural standards that stand between women and empowerment. They become keen on their embodied wants; Tolman (1992) looked at the same patterns in the attempt to know them. It is during their development that women begin to feel and advance ways to respond to their sexual desires.

Without considering the sexual benefits that feminism and sexual revolutions gotten in securing women’s reproductive rights and increasing sexual freedom. The mode of quieting women’s sexual wants is included tightly in women’s sexual freedom. Empirical studies based on the sexuality of girls are taught to notice and keep at bay the sexual wants of boys though they are not meant to address their own desires. The bodies of girls are covered and focused in schools, Fine ably presents the desire of girls which is not addressed. A psychological focus of the experience of girls may lead to an understanding of the possibilities and limits of sexual autonomy in their social environment (Tolman, September 1994). In the identification of culture in women’s culture a fact that is composed through the living of the exterior material aspects and relationships (doing).

The novel, The Bluest Eye (1970) talks about a girl who is black and ugly and desires to be changed physically to look beautiful. She was suffering in pain and it resembles what women go through, they look into the mirror and desire look beautiful. Considering the varied parts of their bodies; skin, nose, hips and hair among others. Even considering the American beauty level that eliminates the Europeans, we are succumbed with the thought that we are pure. We are fancied by putting dreadlocks, twists etc. The present life trend leads us to spend more money to buy hair so as to acquire the desired impact while focusing on the ethnical affiliation. While another set of generation is led to believe that a certain aspect of black is better that another one.

There arises the desire to keep the capitalist client up to date with the state of wanting or insecurity. Women who come from varied state, group and color are made to see themselves as products that have a rising desire that increases and decreases in relation to the distance between the set ideal beauty standards. In the book Mirror, the writer presents situations where girls attempt to make them more beautiful by plucking their eye brows, binding of their feet, removal of ribs and many more. This demonstrated the belief that ‘beauty knows no pain.’ These women suffered in more than one way; the cutting of oxygen, discomfort, pain, starving till acquiring anorexia or bulimia, and broken noses among many other unimaginable suffering.

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The Celebrity Dorothy Dandridge is termed to as the perfect woman that every woman attempts and desires to look like. The beauty being dreadfully looked for has a somewhat good ending that demonstrates a contented person with her appearance. Other big celebrities have played similar roles to get the desired look; Michael Jackson is a point status; he narrowed his lips, modeled his face, change hi color complexion, and whitened his eyes among other things to look like his ideal person. A later noticed such trends do have their negative impacts that are quite fatal and ugly to look at. Leaving us begging the question, is it worth it?


Sexuality is an aspect that has negatively conceptualized our knowledge of the advancement of adolescence is small and has to be improved to pace the progress on acquiring the public’s health desires of small undesired pregnancy and sexual violence. The appearance is also an important aspect of our lives and every step made to change it should not impact negatively on our lives to the extent that we have to suffer so as to acquire the desired look. Presently, these beliefs are overemphasized and only self-belief and trust will work towards our development in the best known way.

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