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Television and Radio Presentations

The use of appropriate tone is very vital in advertisement, television and radio presentations. The person carrying out the advertisement through the television ought to have good appearance as well as appropriate tone. The tone and appearance serve the major role in determining how effective an advertisement and television presentation must be.  In the media training colleges the students are taught  to produce good voice accompanied by tonal variations at the appropriate time. It is important to have the best appearance during presentation and to use the right tone. This is critical, since most viewers look more at what a presenter is dressed in than listening to what he/she said. Additionally, the audience remembers how the presenter looked than the specifics of what he said.


The information about the tone and appearance was attained from the media journals in the library. Television presenters are always expected to dress in elegant outfits. The outfits and makeup should enhance the beauty and not to expose the persons’ weaknesses. The enhanced beauty is accompanied by natural smooth voice that varies accordingly at appropriate times.

Additionally, the outfits chosen by a presenter should be balanced in color and texture. The lady presenters were always advsed to avoid too shiny and decorated clothing. The men presenters were to avoid color clashing ties with their suits or appearing before a camera with unkempt beards.

The radio presenters, on the other hand, are expected to have wonderful voices that can be  always able to attract every listener passing by. The radio presenters are also supposed to be well-dressed although they are  not seen by the audience. The use of unclear, unconditional voice may lead to the loss of so many customers at an instance.

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It was noted that the effectiveness of the advertisements made on television and radio depends on the presenter`s voice tone and appearance. The audience is distracted or attracted by the first impression they develop within the first one minute, when a presenter appears on stage. The audience shall not concentrate in the news in case they get distracted. On the other hand, the tone the presenter uses within the first one minute also affects the manner of concentration of the audience. Many audiences tend to forget most of the information passed out, but remember how the presenter looked and confidently talked.

The level of good voice variation shows aspect of confidence in the presenter. Confidence is the most important for the television broadcasting as well ass in radio advertizing. It is one of the most highly esteemed arts taught in the professional media college. Confidence is crucial since it displays inner abilities while a presenter is standing in front of a camera. As it was found out, the presenter was expected to avoid any form of non verbal cues that may interrupt the perfect delivery of the news. The presenter was expected to make proper tone and voice that must be checked before any announcements with the help of the floor manager and the sound personnel.

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The media schools ought to introduce stern measures on the need to attain perfect results in presentation and advertisements. The beauty personnel should be employed in every media house in order to offer routine checks on presenters` make up and clothing just before anchoring time. Additionally, the presenter should not use so much gesture in order to be natural and maintain poise even during stressing moments. The broadcasters were expected to be very cautious with their outward appearance. The clothing a presenter wore daily should be comfortable in order to feel relaxed as the audience is watching him/her through the camera. Other results showed that cases where presenters were not comfortable with their own appearance, their confidence failed. As a result the news and advertisements did not bring the perfect results.

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