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Team Models

Learning teams in advanced education executing a mutual task are not always efficient. To remedy this, there is a need to establish and comprehend the variables that influence team efficiency based on the team and task awareness. In order to conceptualize this, we consider two methods:

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Shared Mental Models

Fransen, Kirschner, and Erkens proposed this variable of shared mental models. It refers to the capability of the group to locate some common group to work together. It is, therefore, responsible for setting goals, deciding on strategies and efficient communicating (Kozlowskiet al, 2003). This model can be broken down into lesser units: team related shared mental models and task related shared mental models. Team related models base on the awareness of the team working as a unified entity, while task related models center on finishing the assignment at hand.

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Action Model

This model is largely focused on communication and participation; Strijbos, Martens, Jochems, and Broers put it across in 2007. This task with the help of technology allows group members to work jointly, yet still work on their own time. In addition, the element of the virtual groups became known. Virtuall teams are those in which members use technology to network with one another across geographic, organizational, and other limitations. They are increasingly becoming commonplace in organizations (Strijbos et al, 2007). The action model, therefore, points out that human or computer "interface errors" could also hinder communication.

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Interestingly, it also establishes that sometimes the virtual groups work better than the groups who worked face to face. It was interesting to read about these virtual groups especially after having worked on the groups online. It becomes much easier going online rather than trying to coordinate everyone to meet up.

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