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Reporting Basic Research

1. Does the methodology describe the design of the evaluation adequately?

Good evaluation reports need to contribute value to sustainable development and the methodology used in the report fulfills this. The overall assessment of performance indicates that the results were achieved and they compare favorably with plan and design.  The methodology developed made a substantial contribution to the development of the campaign as it incorporated process impact and outcome measures. 

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2- Is the design the most appropriate for the questions?

The design of questionnaire will depend on whether the researcher wants to collect qualitative or quantitative information.  A well designed questionnaire will motivate the respondent to provide complete and accurate information although data quality can be affected by physical appearance of the qestionnaire (European Commission).

3- Critically evaluate other designs that could have been used.

Face-to-face interviews- this type of research method is perceived by the victims and survivors to be ideal for a qualitative meta-study. This is mainly seen to help other survivors, help them by relieving trauma, support research on assault and receive financial compensation.  This has relative implication to designing research recruitment protocols.

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4- Are the measures valid?

The evaluation research model designed for the campaign can be said to be valid in incorporating process, impact and outcome measures. The questionnaire shows that what it intends to measure can be measured. The data gathering matches the decisions from people who can contribute information.

5- Are findings interpreted correctly?

Analyzing data shouuld be very intensive by use of analytical tools that will help determine appropriate measures. It is imperative to always start with the research goals and start with attempting to put the information in perspective, consider recommendations and record conclusions to justify the recommendations. The report achieves all these.

 6- What are the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation?

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A long-term evaluation designed for the campaign incorporated process and outcome measures.  Extensive research and careful planning minimizes the risk of backlash and facilitates wide acceptance. Some of the weaknesses include wrong formative research, research approach, working within the government and also with the domestic violence sector is a big challenge in a sensitive area and thus the credibility of information gathered may be put into question.

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