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Juvenile Violence

The problem in our society that I have identified is juvenile violence. This problem has been increasing rapidly in our social setting. Most societies have to deal with this it since there are rapid cases of the same kind influencing the youth to commit the crimes. Crime, according to constitutions of various countries is illegal. The activities of the youth have contributed to the official crime growth. This kind of violence development in the society is very harmful.

The juvenile crime offenders have stood out historically as most prominent social problem which associates with deviant behavior (Correll 63). Most people of different social states have agreed with the fact that juvenile crimes are on the rise. This brings out the issue that these crimes have been increasing slowly in the society. There are a lot of varying opinions about the reasons of the vice. Various ideological perspectives give different views. Some people tend to believe that this crime is developed out of family brake ups. Others claim that it is due to the disintegration of European welfare state at society level. This disintegration has an effect on the character formation of the children.

Juvenile delinquencies refer to youthful conducts that may include immorality, theft, drag abuse cases and general misbehavior in the society. The youths may start juvenile violence due to culture influence. In a society where there are more alcoholism problems and other drug abuses, the youth will imitate the elder people in the society and start the misbehavior. Poor parenting values are also a contributing factor for these crimes. This also includes the society where people do not take charge and not responsible. Wrong religious beliefs in the society that promotes bad groupings may result into the formation of gangs. The vice will always develop slowly until such a time that it explodes. This is the juvenile experience the society should be ready to face.

In the society, there are many risks for youth that can result in juvenile violence practice. The other factor that causes this kind of crime includes individual characteristics. Behaviour change in teenager can depend not only in the family but also in the schools and colleges as well. The peer group is very influential in introducing bad behaviors into the society hence it is possible to facilitate the spread of this problem. One more factor for this is neighboring environment. The youth tend to imitate everything their family and close friends do. Therefore, this facilitates juvenile crime related behavior in the society. Performance on the daily activities leads to the development of juvenile delinquencies and immoral behaviors (Correll 96). ll these factors have contributed negatively in the society hence the impact has been great.

In the society, it is very difficult to identify at an early age those individuals who would become criminals in future. The spread, therefore, is drastic in nature as there is no early control of. It is also significant in understanding that most juvenile homicide victims are not segregated by sex and race. As a result, most victims of juvenile homicide are acquaintances of their offenders. Through the juvenile violence, increase in crime rate is common in the society and this also results into questioning the norms and the priority that the societies have taken. Cases of assault are also on the increase due to the crime perpetration as reflected in juvenile violence process. However, it becomes a major problem that the society has to deal with it in order to bring up responsible youths.

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Since society and the world is complex in nature, it is very difficult to clear away the problem in the society. All the factors contributing to the spread of this vice have got a joint force in preventing criteria that may be used in eliminating the vice. Science is crucial in understanding the route course of the problem and its prevention. Scientific approaches have contributed to the fact that more effort is to be made in eliminating the vice among our youths. There is one major way which is used in the solution or elimination of the violence. It identifies the root course and must have total elimination of the problem in our society.

The problem solution is one but has four main aspects that must be identified in order to prevent the vice completely from the society. These four aspects include gangs, high risk juveniles, location and gun theory (Steven 52). Gangs are very dangerous and they are responsible in perpetrating the violence in certain aspects. Gang youths always act in groups and are prone to acts of violence. It happens because such behavior is picked by some individuals to express their anger. It will be very practical by putting more emphasis on education so that these bad groupings change their perception about life. Understanding life and appreciating education will slowly prevent the formation of the gangs. The elimination of such gang members in the society is very instrumental in preventing the violence at juvenile levels. Reduction leads to lower rate of such crimes like robbery, alcoholism and general drug abuse. This plays a prominent role in the whole process of relieving our society from the bondage of crime.

The elimination process should be down to the local groupings, for example, youth clubs in schools and colleges. This also helps in the fighting witth the illegal gangs. Such strategy program is a major strategy in implementing the process (Steven 71). In addition, such gang elimination can be effective through community wide approach mechanisms that condemn such groupings. The gun aspect is very serious because weapons play a very high percentage in the violence strategy. Removing guns from the streets can help in rooting out the violence. No doubt, the youth should not be allowed to carry firearms because they can misuse the machine and cause a serious problem in violence magnification. The locations and time for these juvenile cases should be identified effectively. The process of solving the problem in the society may not be faster but generally it requires gradual change. These changes ensure that the society remains safe in the whole process.

There are many benefits that come as a result of eliminating the vice completely from the society. People will be able to live and raise children without fear in the absence of organized criminal gangs. It is necessary to have more accountability in the society. The youths will not have much time to waste as more positive things will be done. The society will also gain by getting professionals who are ready for real challenges in life. The youth will be able to spend more time in education while looking for the best carrier to undertake. Development of professionals is very fundamental for the society because improving the health and living standards will be systematic due to the hard work of the youth.Failure in executing this mission leaves the society with no alternative but just continues misconduct from generation to generation (Steven 124). This can reflect the society to be a palace where the rule of law is not applied at all. Social crimes will be on the increase and the societal norms may be rotten after some period of time. It can be very disastrous for this kind of society to exist in harmony since most gangs and guns will dominate the ground. In this aspect, the criminals may explore their trials and portrayal of juvenile crime will be of higher percentage.

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The juvenile delinquency is indeed one of the most known problems in the society because this has got its societal impacts almost at all levels. When the society is having problem, then the life is equally complicated because there will be integrity issues to be dealt with at all levels. It happens because society is the basic foundation that defines human character. The problems faced in the society must be addressed effectively. Character formation of an individual basically originates form the background of the persons. This is the point where developments of values and virtues takes place to enhance a vice free society.

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