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Immigration in the U.S

Illegal immigration can be defined as a situation where people travel from their home country to another without legal identification by using false documents. The number of the illegal immigrants to the US has been found to be increasing every year (Edmonston 290). The major source country for illegal immigrants to the US is Mexico. This illegal immigration has been of great profitability to both Mexico and the US government. Little restrictions to illegal emigration have been put in place in both the Mexican and the US governments.

The illegal immigrants who enter the US are mainly the poor people who are not in a position to provide for their families and they therefore go for cheap paying jobs. This immigration has brought forward several arguments that support and that which does not support the illegal workers. The few restrictions on illegal immigration to the US have an outstanding effect in terms of public service and labor costs. This has made many states to put in place policies that may reduce the number of public services for the immigrants. (Gania 70)

However, it has been found that illegal immigration has both positive and negative impacts on the staffing and the economy of the source and the destination states. The negative impacts of illegal immigration is the shortage of labor in the country of origin, the law of supply and demand is distorted in the capitalistic market, tax evasion, crime increase, overpopulation, and there will be remittance of money to the home country.

The illegal immigrants in the US have been of great profitability to its economy by providing cheap labor hence harvesting in agriculture is made cheap, the retail businesses have benefited due to increase in cash flow, the auto insurers experience increase in profits, locally produced goods gets ready market due to many consumers, and even increase the banks' revenues by opening bank accounts (Gania 70).

For the reason that immigrants cause shortage of labor in the home country, it negatively affects the economy of the home country. This will make the staffing agencies of the home country to reduce the minimum job requirements in order to get people who can work in their job places. This will lower the human resource managers' and the recruitment agencies' credibility. As a result, a country may have staff who are poorly qualified which will lead to economy's poor performance leading to poverty increase. (Kenny 79)

Apart from these, illegal immigration encourages brain drain where the best and productive staff goes to a developed country to search for well paying jobs. On top of this, illegal immigration strains the resources and brings a direct impact on workers' performance; this is seen as the US government imposes tax on every worker and money used to improve public facilities. However, the US government does not identify those using the facilities and this leads to a lot of pressure on the resources which will result into poor services to the citizens. In so doing, the morale and productivity of the workers are ruined and the citizens may not be able to perform well due to undermining of their esteem. This will make the staff to face a lot of challenges especially in times of promotions because it is mostly based on worker performance. The firms facing these difficulties will opt to other terms for promotion and hence fail to follow staffing ethics.(Borjas 278)

Lack of restrictions to illegal immigration to the US has brought about an influx of workers, this results to higher supply of manpower in the market than it can be taken by recruitment agencies working on behalf of the companies who need employees. The law of demand and supply for labor will be distorted in the market in two ways. The first way is that the illegal immigrant workers will have to provide cheap labor and this may make some companies to lay off his workers in order to employ the cheap labor. In this case, the staffing ethics are not followed and therefore proper selection and recruitment processes are not adhered to.

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The other way that the law of demand and supply is affected is when more qualified and educated people illegally immigrate to another country. This will make the companies and firms in the country to lay off the workers in order to employ the more qualified workers. This in turn makes them lower the minimum wage which discourages workers, they will therefore be in a position to employ the more qualified workers at a cheaper cost and proper staffing ethics may not be followed (Sonnenberg 100)

In the US, there have been several reported cases of crimes especially in its border with Mexico. This is as a result of the illegal immigrants entering the states; this greatly affects the productivity of workers due to disturbance in the working environment.

The few restrictions to illegal immigration in the US has made its government face difficulties in raising the minimum wage for any worker, this is so because almost all the illegal immigrants do menial jobs where Americans cannot provide their services (Sonnenberg 100). They also work in places like industries where they are cheaply paid. If the real Americans would demand for minimum wage increase, it will not be effective because there is cheap labor in the same job market. (Valenzuela 70)

Illegal immigrant may also result in emergence of employers who may not pay them well and since the immigrants have no voice to complain, they may be exploited by greedy employers, the immigrants will continue to suffer for fear of being tracked and returned to their home country. This will greatly affect their performance hence the company's reputation and economic growth.

Most illegal immigrant move out of their home states due to different problems and there are high chances of them carrying the same to the host states .In case of problems like diseases, they will infect the citizens of the host state. If the infected were workers in certain firms, then the firm will be forced to employ others to replace the sick workers, this will consume a lot of time because the company will have to follow the right procedure in taking in other employees.

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In conclusion, the ethnicity, races, cultural background, religious beliefs, and national origin of the illegal immigrants in the US has brought a lot to be debated in immigration, the US had a fear that the immigrants will not be absorbed into their culture and some were seen as hostile people. The existence of racism in the US is due to the fact that not all the Immigrants have adjusted to the American culture and beliefs and therefore, there is hatred between the black and the whites (Borjas 274). There have been fights witnessed in prisons in California which is as a result of ethnic differences. Attacks which are racially motivated have also been reported, this is witnessed between the Mexicans and the African Americans. Violence has also been increasing between Latino Americans and Anglo Americans who are non-Hispanic. (Valenzuela 70)

Religious differences on the other hand have shown a pattern of voting by the immigrants and the Americans. The evangelicals from Hispania are more conservative than those who are not Hispania's. This is seen in the Catholic Church which does not support abortion and same sex marriage like gay.

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