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Hotel Security

Hotel security is the putting in place of several security measures in a hotel for the good of the guests. Hotels are visited by different types of guest from different places around the world. It is essential for employers and hotel managers to ensure security to avoid incidents.

Hotel security takes different forms regardless of the size of the facility or the security staff. If planned correctly, a hotel should have a security system that is built in. This is particularly in the back of the house (Chon 56). This may be accomplished with electronic key access and video surveillance technology.

Another area of security is safety and protection by use of Guest protection programmes. This can be managed by use of brochures, mentioning the availability of safe deposit boxes, and verbal warnings about not opening doors to strangers (Craighead 76). Preventative measures may include providing well lit parking lots and corridors, locking entrance doors at a certain time, and screening visitors.

Hotel security is therefore essential in every hotel for the sake of the guests. This does not only concern screening of visitors for illegal weapons, but also putting fire extinguishers in place and emergency exists.

Buy custom Hotel Security essay paper cheap

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