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Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is one of the largest organizations in automobile industry. It has cut itself a substantial proportion in the motor business niche. When Henry Ford founded the company in 1863, he did not have in mind what it could become. Out of hard work and brilliant engineering skills, the company has continually shaken off numerous challenges. The most notable legal milestone is the growing concerns of environmental conservation. The chairman of the company, who is also the great grandson of the founder, is an avid environmentalist. He totally agrees with the fact that exhausts from vehicles are the major contributors to global warming. The company, under his leadership, has decided to raise fuel utilization of the vehicles it assembles. This was a consequence of decision by the Congress to decline requests made by automobile manufacturers (Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, 2009).

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The management of the company controls a brand of motor vehicle known worldwide. For a long time, the business structure of Ford Motor Company has continually adjusted to the varying trends in the market. Being a multinational company, the global economic shifts and adjustments have been very influential. It is struggling to shed off the effects of economic meltdown experienced a few years ago. The market share continues to face a serious challenge from other players from the Far East. It is because of such issues that continuous improvement in company policy has been adopted.

The company also recognizes the fact that it is not all alone in this world. Through the setting up of Ford Motor Company Fund, the company stands out as a multinational organization with a highly structured corporate social responsibility. As a matter of fact, the company has spent over $1.3 billion within the last six decades to show its legacy as a caring and responsible company.

The dynamics surrounding technological advancements puts the company at constant vigil. Emerging issue of automation and quality remains the focus of the motoring industry. The customers have put the automobile companies at a cut throat competition, Ford Motor Company included. Recent achievements in information technology has helped to foster innovations in designs, safer automobiles and environmentally friendlier.

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The corporate management underscores the importance of a team working towards one goal. Therefore they adopted a One Ford mission statement. According to the statement, all the stakeholders form a parameter in which the success of the company can be evaluated. The board of directors strives to achieve optimum results at the best interests of shareholders.

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