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Crushing of the Housing Market

There is a huge debate whether the housing market is crushing or it has already crashed. The summer of 2010 has seen a high drop in the purchasing of houses. The government has tried all possible way that their experts have suggested in order to solve the problem. However, the housing market is still failing and the prices of houses are very low (Gehmen, 2010).

Many researchers have looked into the causes and factors that have brought about the weakening of the housing market. They have cited the major causes as the recent economic recession and the rising rate of unemployment. There are other causes that have also lead to the fall of the housing market. The researchers have alo looked at the impacts of the housing crush. Most researchers have argued that the crushing of the housing market will stabilize the country's economy and the housing market will also regain its ground (Streitfeld, 2010).

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Another aspect that the researchers and scholars have looked at what has to be done to try and revive the housing market and what more can be done. Government has injected billions of dollars to the market in an effort to try and stabilize the market (Wikipedia, 2010).

Although recent times have seen a small rise in the mortgage rates, the market is still slow, most analysts argue that what is hurting the housing market is not mortgage rates but lack of cconfidence about the economic and the concern of losing jobs (Yahoo, 2010). Other researchers have started to evaluate what the best action is right now, and most have suggested that the housing market be left to crush. The reason behind this is that, the county's government will not lose any more money through loses after injecting money to the crushing market.

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The research will reflect on the major parts introduced in each paragraph. It will look into each part in great detail, avoiding evidences from peer-reviewed, scholarly sites and newspapers. It will also provide recommendations on what to do as discussed by top scholars and experts on ways forward for the housing market.

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