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Credibility in Writing

Credibility in writing can be referred to as the power of objectivity and subjectivity that leads to the trustworthy and believability of information contained in a piece of writing. Credibility is quite important as its levels leads to either success or failure of what is being brought on board, therefore as a writer credibility is quite vital as it increases a relationship between ones articles and the readers as they are able to incorporate a writers reasoning, understanding and supporting ones opinion. Credibility is normally established in very many ways as identified below. ( Metzger 2003)

Writing quality articles which are based on a specific topic chosen which is then well researched and analyzed then you present your findings through use of quality standards skills which will be admired b readers. Information sharing can be a way of boosting ones credibility in writing and this can be through publications, narrations, web publications e.t.c, this enables a piece of writing to stand up in a cloud and even it allows a room to seek others people’s opinions and comments and through so there is huge acquisition of knowledge which then improves ones credibility.

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In a piece of writing it is quite important to practice use of examples, for instance if the subject is on problem solving, show how certain solution has contributed in making a difference. A detailed example normally influences many numbers who want to learn more and through so there is boost of credibility. It is important to ensure that your examples are not full of hype (Fogg 2002).

Credibility can be established thhrough maintaining confidentiality and this is mostly when conducting research writing that involves activities such as interviews and filling of questionnaires. In reporting it is important not to disclose peoples personal or secretive information in ones writing and this therefore enables a writer to win trust from his/her sources of information. While reporting credibility is automatically established when facts are tabled accurately, fairly and in a truth manner and this is achieved by avoiding incorporating personal interests while writing.

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When publishing any piece of writing it is important to always countercheck and make correction of errors and in addition where information is borrowed it is quite important to attribute the information from the source which it originates but putting in mind the concept of privacy.

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