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Comments on Migration

Statistics reveal that income is one of factors that influence the adaptation of international immigrant in countries like US (Zhou 74). This underscores the value of improving education and opportunities for immigrants, as an approach of reducing disparities in income.

Whereas women can rely on the income of their husbands, many women prefer earning their money (Fong 1103). This need to earn money is one the reasons why migrant women prefer working ratherthan being married at an earlier age.

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Society expected men to provide marital housing, thus one of the factors that influence the ability of men to win a bride (Fong 1104). This is a reason why many men postpone their marriage until they have enough income to support themselves.

Women gain upward mobility in society, compared to men. In many cases, men do not prefer marrying women of lower status,, but those that those who are well-established and earning significant salaries (Fong 1104).

In China, the value of bride wealth has increased especially among the rural folks with men having to give more bride price to family of the bride (Yan 638).This is a reason that can motivate men to lag in marriage as they look for more wealth.

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In China, middle class employees still rely on unstable source of income, and thus unable to make many decision in life such as getting married at an earlierage (Bian 93).Peasant migrant have migrated to cities in search of better income(Bian 94 ).

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