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Closure of Site for no Payment

As you know, WebTastic is a reputable company that designs and hosts websites for our clients. Over the years we have endeavored to produce the best to our customers.  We strive to make sure that we deliver to our clients according to their wishes so as ensure customer satisfaction.

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In our company's endeavor to ensure your satisfaction, we were able to make several changes to the site as you wished. For this, as you are aware, you were not charged. However, it has come to my attention that you have not been paying the monthly hsting fee as you are supposed to. We are aware that the economy had a hiccup when it experienced the recession. Nevertheless, the same scenario is being experienced in our company. The financial hardship has hit all of us and we have been lenient with you to give you a grace period before your business picks up.

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Owing to the fact that, as a company, we have to protect our interest also, we have sent your way several reminders to remind you that you need to pay up the monthly hosting fee. This, however, you have not been ablee to do. WebTastic has therefore thought of the situation and has reached a conclusion.

This letter comes to inform you that WebTastic cannot continue to host your website anymore and that it does not have any choice than to close down your site due to your incapability to fulfill your part. Also, as you know, our company has the right to retain the copyright of any design to a site that it has created. This means that you cannot use our design on your site anymore.

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