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Cause and Effects of Street Racing

Street racing is arguably one of the popular sports especially among the youth. The sport is a usually a high-charged, adrenaline-rushing sport. Despite its entertainment feat it displays on its lovers, it also comes with its fair share of risks. Majority of the youth, admire the energy excreted by the drivers and think that it’s cool to be one. Most fall into this fatal fete due to what competitive crowding which drives the participant’s adrenaline to taking uncalculated risks. The crowd puts a lot of pressure on the drivers, which shuts the driver’s ability to race well without shattering their dream careers. The competitive crowding also has its place with youts who indulges in it for fun and most of which is catalyzed by peer-pressure, most of which have no prior speed racing experience.

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Another cause is consumption of alcohol beyond the stated limit. It is usually exacerbated by consumption of alcohol, and this tends to impair the judgment of the driver, resorting to careless driving and speeding in the most times, express ways where they endanger their lives.

The over speeding can lead to fatal end of life or even lives when ignored. These can affect both the driver and other road users. Another aspect if at all the driver survives; he or she can be jailed and far worse, to be jailed for life in case he or she is the cause of death of other road users or innocent pedestrian and bystanders.

The carelessness of the driver to him/herself and the immediate users of the road might lead him or her to early death causing a loss in the family or families and hence emotional pain. For those who survive an accident as a result of the adrenaline-pumped careless driving might suffer a life-long condition like spinal injury, hip replacement, coma and even brain damage.

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A professional driver who happens to survive but with a condition which may incapacitate him or her from driving; this can be the end of his or her career. A career shattered.

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