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Canal Construction

All construction firms encounter many problems, which they must come up with the best solutions in their daily activities. Construction of a canal across this region is one of these activities, which poses a great challenge and proper decisions should be made so as to ensure that a durable and an economical canal is constructed. As engineers, we realize that so many problems will be encountered in constructing this canal. First, there is a big problem in handling Charges River. This river is seen as a big problem in the construction of this canal because it crosses the proposed route several times.

Another problem in the construction of this canal is the public opinion. The major people of our concern are those who will use this canal. Since this canal will serve as a short route from Caribbean to Pacific Ocean, it is important to know the public opinion about its construction. People may or may not appreciate its construction, and it is therefore, prudent to consider their opinion. This problem amalgamates with the lack of finance. Construction of this canal to completion requires a lot of finance. Other than these, dealing with the mountain range is a challenge to construction of a sea level canl. Other problems although minor include labor, diseases, machinery required for construction, proper clothing, and security from the natives.

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In order to successfully come up with a solution to the problems being faced and make a good decision on what type of canal to be constructed, it is prudent to consider these problems individually and the probable solutions. Weighing the requirements for construction of both sea level canal and lock system canal gives the solutions to the above problems and hence, the most efficient and economical type of canal to construct.

Considering the economical nature of the two types of canals, constructing a lock system canal is the most appropriate due to the possible solutions to the above problems. The first problem of dealing with Charges River will be solved by construction of a dam. This dam will act as both a reservoir and a control for the flash floods that are experienced in this river during the rainy season. Besides controlling these floods, this dam will also be used in powering the locks of the canal system. Taking this step is, therefore, an economical use of the available resources. Apart from being as solution to the construction of the canal, exxistence of this dam in this region is a benefit on the economic activities of the natives.

The other problem of public opinion can be easily solved. The public is educated on the importance of the canal, its working principles, and other future benefits. The fact that they will take a shorter time to travel across the Ocean is of great benefit to them. Reduced travel time increases peoples’ output in terms of turn over and hence, improvement in the business sector. Imparting this knowledge will be a tool used to help in attracting investors. Attracting investors is itself a solution to the problem of lack of funds that we are facing. Construction of a locks canal system being a unique idea attracts many investors because many people especially businesspersons will be happy to be associated with such an achievement in the transportation sector.

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In conclusion, construction of a locks system canal is the best option because it is more economical compared to a sea canal. Therefore, taking this option will be the most efficient because it is cost and time effective. We will be able to use less money and be able to complete it within a short period hence, meeting our deadlines and budget.

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