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An Epic Hero

As seen in legacy, an epic hero is a being supposed to have come from spirits but more or less resembles an ordinary being. The hero takes a path meant to fulfill desires that appears to be so hard to achieve but he finally comes out having experienced transition. He portrays outstanding and unique characteristics that seem to benefit the society in question mainly in culture and religious related matters. In most cases, he appears bright and bold but mostly interested in his nation of origin besides those close to him. An epic hero can also be seen performing that which seems hard to many.

Odysseus is brought out by Homer as a character with outstanding features of boldness, glorious and authoritative, traits needed of any leader in a society. One of his outstanding traits is that of intelligence. His being smart rescues him from somehow difficult corners such as when he runs away from the hideouts of Cyclops. He is seen as a person who is able to instill what he wants in people without much effort. A good evidence to back this is on the island when he easily convinces Nausicaa (Scholargy, 2002).

As seen with many heroes of his time, he struggles for fame. He seems to like enjoying life with other women apart from his wife. Most characters as used by Homer are not dynamic. In his initial works, Odysseus exposes his true colors to Cyclops and brings down Poseidon's anger on him. Towards the end of epic, he is so much interested with integrating patience and his being proud. Purporting to be a pauper, he is slow to anger to insults he gets from suitors. He otherwise puts up with it until such a time when time ripens for him to hit back slowly but surely.

Odysseus appears as an epic hero when he leaves for war for a whole decade leaving behind his wife and son. This result to the wife being approached by people interested claiming that Odysseus has met his death already in the line of duty but this is not to happen as she is protected by goddess Athena. During his coming back home, he is getting aid from Athena the goddess in revenging against the supposed suitors from whom his wife was to choose one as a husband

Odysseus is portrayed by Homer as extremely intelligent creature fond of manipulating other beings to his advantage. He mobilizes his men to raid on others but some unfortunately lost their lives in the line of duty to som Lotus eaters. On arriving at the island of Cyclop, they are held hostage by one Polyphemus. They easily play tricks on him and rescue themselves. On reaching the island that belongs to the King of winds, he gets on them and returns them to the same island unable to get to Ithaca. The king on seeing that shuns offering any aid. Finally they manage to get to another island of Circe's where some beings are transformed into pigs. Odysseus manages with the aid of Hermes to impress the evil spirits. This results to his men being spared living on that island for one year. This surely confirms that he is indeed an epic hero (Homer, 1998).

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Another incidence is witnessed when he leads his men to the land of the dead. This is after they part ways with Circe. On arrival there, they engage Tiresias who directs them on how to find their way back home. They are said to have communicated to people close to them and warriors who had passed on. This surely looks and sounds weird. On departing from there they go back to Circe and proceeded home. Despite having made it through Scylla and Charybdis, Odysseus men contemplate on halting by the island where the cattle of the sun were kept. His influence on them does not work and they end up killing the cattle and eventually their ship is damaged. He is the only lucky person to escape death and ends up on Calypso's island. This categorically brings him out as an epic hero and indeed a clever being. Homer has instilled in him extraordinary powers that are beyond ordinary being understanding.

In yet another incident, a strange twist of events is witnessed. Odysseus survives again with his cunningness to convince Alcinous otherwise to shower him with gifts. When his servants are taking him to Ithaca, Athena the goddess is eagerly waiting to welcome him home. She intelligently advises him to look for alternative accommodation transformed as a pauper as he organizes for Telemachus to come back. Odysseus portrays his intelligence by lying of his falling from a onetime affluent being to a pauper. The swineherd doubtfully accepts him but shows sympathy towards him all the same. Telemachus is advised by Athena to reside near the swineherd. When he first bumps into Odysseus he is still a pauper but on departure of his host, together with Athena introduces themselves to Telemachus. They quickly agree on how to do away with suittors. Odysseus goes back to being a pauper on coming back of his host. This again shows him as an epic hero (Scholargy, 2002).

In what seems to be unpromising deal, Odysseus perseveres humiliation and embarrassment while purporting to be a pauper. This he has to put up with in order to succeed with his plan. He manages to fool everyone and finally converses with Penelope. She reveals to him that the suitors are to undergo a test of aiming at axe heads using his string and bow. If one manages that, she will accept his hand in marriage. The next day the test is commenced by Penelope with many of the suitors unable to succeed and this result to the same being pushed to the following day. Telemachus is seen behind Odysseus and manipulates things to have his friend allowed to take part in the test. This puts to an end the lives of the many suitors competing to woo Penelope. He is doing this in the company of Athena and they literally finish everyone. In this scheming game, Odysseus is again seen as an epic hero who does what many cannot even dream of let alone doing it (Homer, 1998).

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In what seems to be a successful raiding by Odysseus and his cohorts, he quickly takes a shower and goes to Penelope who seems not to believe it is him. The two reminisce late into the night. His being an epic hero is seen when he orders all to purport there is a marriage ceremony as a cover up of what he had already done to the miserable suitors. He plays a trick on his dad but later opens up to him. In the meantime things get worse as the public is not happy with his acts. This is quickly resolved when it is revealed to them that Athena aided him in all his raiding but still a portion of them do not stop pursuing Odysseus. Athena again comes to his rescue and this sees him taking the throne. This clearly shows just how influential and powerful he is. Goddess Athena also appears to have so much trust in him and it is no surprise how she makes decision in his favor in all instances (Scholargy, 2002).

In conclusion, Odysseus is an epic hero without a single doubt. People seem to adore him for who he is. Homer gives him traits such as being intelligent, daring, bold and influential, a schemer and a good fighter which shows him as a unique and strange character. These and many others enable him to take his roles in Homer's literally work besides other characters.

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