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American President Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of America. His term in office began in 1981 and he successful won another term in office thereafter until 1989. However, his career began in radio station, film industry and television actor having attended Eureka College where he attained a degree in Bachelor of Arts. His main subjects were sociology and economics. His main motivating factor in life was seeing people search out themselves. His political ambitions were motivated by the desire to empower states’ governments as he endeavored to reduce the powers of the federal government.

Reagan came into power at a moment when the United States was going through very hard economic times. He promised to correct the mistakes that were done by former Republicans and a complete change during his 1980 campaign and won over the votes of the Southern Democrats. It was also during this time that the United States was in a Cold War with Russia. Reagan is thought to have contributed a lot in the success of America in the Cold War though the country was left in huge debt. This was occasioned by Reagan’s domestic policies where he reduced taxes imposed by the government dramatically. This affected government payment of the services that it offered and thus was forced to borrow to supplement its budget. Some Americans lost jobs from the government because it was not in a position to pay them.

All the same, Reagan successful deal with matters of abortion even though his policies on drug abuse and the AIDS pandemic were not much welcome. He went further to cut welfare programs that were meant for struggling children, mothers and the minorities. He reduced funding from various programs of social welfare together with food stamp programs and different programs that were meant to assist these minorities. Generally, Reagan’s administration performed relatively well compared to previous administrations after WWII.

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