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Nathanael Greenes Southern Campaign

Indeed, America prides itself because of the ideals it was bequeathed by its founding fathers such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, with these ideals being enshrined in the US Constitution and other legal documents such as the Declaration of Independence.

Arguably, in the list of the founding fathers, is also Nathanael Greene (August 7th, 1742- June 19th, 1786) is pointed as a man of just cause. Greene served as a major General for the Continental Army in the wake of the American Revolutionary War. Because of his ideals, convictions, personality and contributions tat he made to the US, he enjoys the same reputation as George Washington.

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The role that Greene served in the military is one of the reasons for being assigned the status of George Washington's counterpart. At the start of the American Revolutionary War, Greene served in the lowest rank possible- militia private. Nevertheless, as the battle continued to rage, he rose through the ranks as the most dependable and gifted military officer, to eventually become the Continental Army's major General.

Greene also made efforts to ensure the financial stability of the Southern army and the Southern states. For instance, inn Georgia, North and South Carolina, he sold liberal grants of land and used the money to meet the bills for the rations due for the Southern army. Despite having declined the post of the Secretary of War, he went before the Congress to request for supplies during the Battle of Princeton in March 1777.

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The humility that punctuated Greene's character is also seen in the instance in which grudgingly agreeing to become the Quartermaster General, he cleaned the department. At the time, he was in George Washington's war council, commanding the right wing as was seen in June 1778, in the Battle of Manmouth Courthouse.

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