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Lee Robert E. and Ulysses S. Grant

Lee Robert E

Lee Robert E. was a confederate commander General in charge of the Northern Army of Virginia. He was also the Confederate States General in chief of the army during the civil war. According to Davis, Robert Lee Edward was born in Westmoreland in Virginia and during his tenure as an army General won a series of brilliant victories including the Second Bull Run, Chancellorsville and Fredericksburg (Davis, 1999).

However, his war strategy of confronting the enemy at their own territory which was the strategy he used in subsequent battles led to a costly defeat at Gettysburg. This includes a rather strategic and skillful defense against Gen. Ulysses S. Grant which ultimately failed leading to the surrender of Robert Edward Lee and his army at Appomattox. Many have questioned the leadership strategies of Robert Edward Lee but despite this, his contributions towards the Virginia civil war still remain and to many he is a hero throughout the country.

Ulysses S. Grant

Grant Ulysses Simpson on the other hand was a union army general as well as the 18th president of the US. Grant's road to fame began during the Mexican Civil War when he exhibited successful control of men. "Under the leadership of Grant, the Union was able to achieve its great major success in battle both at Fort Henry and Fort Donelson" (Josiah, 2004). Grant was promoted to Lieutenant General by the then president of the US Abraham Lincoln. Under this commission, Grant a plan for coordinating offensives of various armies. This is with the inclusion of the capture of Robert E. Lee.


Of the two generals, Lee, Robert E seems like a better army general and leader. Despite his capture at Appomattox, by Gen. Ulysses, the subsequent victories by Lee Robert E. exhibit the success of his war strategy. "Grant on the other hand was often criticized of drunkenness and excessive casualty" (Hamlin, 1898). Robert, E. Lee's strategy was the future for the future war strategy which have always been a success ever since.

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