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A Recent Move

Like other true-to-life story based movies, Hotel Rwanda is one of the most appealing presentations to the public as it shows a rather appalling situation that is considered one of the most devious experiences Rwandans have ever had to undergo. Through the years, the black race has been noted for their aggressiveness and want of being recognized. In Rwanda though, the case was rather different, the idea of the movie was to show that the rebellion in Rwanda was more than just a conflict based on oppression, it was more of a rebellion based on power and tribal differences.

Through the movie effects, the history was more likely shown as something re-lived and recognized as a huge depiction of the past and how these past accounts in the human history actually conceives to affect the lives of the people at present as well as towards the future. Respect for life and respect for others’ rights, that is the main featured thought that the movie aims to portray and send towards its viewers.

The performance given by the main character Don Chealdle was rather effective in bringing the plot and the other characters of the movie together to create a perfect picturesque of the past as it relates to the realistic situations that the Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda had to deal with in 1994. The massie massacre in the country during the said year obviously creates a warning call to everyone in the world, an awakening presentation that notes the truth behind the reports on human genocide happening around the globe that may not have been easily controlled by the UNO. Understandably, the message of the movie and the presentations used to portray these thoughts had been considerably given careful attention so as to make the whole movie plot appealing and awakening to the audience.

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Successful as it was, the movie on Hotel Rwanda clearly depicted the division of the Rwandan society that created a clear and distinct implication on the reality of how the entire society of Rwanda intended to survive. Rwanda today may not have much of the situations as portrayed in the movie, but surely, the separation of the society in the country continues to plague the entire Rwandan community making it harder for some of the people living in the region to recognize the true sense of freedom, a matter that needs to be strongly considered when examining the situations of the people living in the area.

The United Nations Organization continues to be in a lookout with regards the observance of peace and security in the nation. Deliberately, the creation of the laws and regulations that protects the rights of the oppressed ones in the society has caused the prootection given to those societies vulnerable of undergoing such situations close to that of the Rwandan event.

Through the years, movies such as Hotel Rwanda continues to stand as an awakening factor to the society with regards the need to focus attention on the realities of life and the oppressions that shape the human society. Believably, these occurrences in the past serve as mirrors of warnings to the human society at present and even towards the future.

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With the collection of the most effective performers in the industry to portray the roles of the main characters in the plot of Hotel Rwanda, the story presented in the movie was well given the life that it deserves so as to sound a warning to the world that these situations could happen to any country where power and oppression are practiced in an imbalanced manner that brings about the chaotic sense of social war. There are other countries out there which might not undergo a situation as massive as that of Rwanda but does undergo a present experience of oppression that needs to be dealt with by the most prominent social institutions in the world today in an aim of protecting the people of their rights to life and living. True, this movie makes a clear presentation on how people are supposed to recognize the need of being protected and giving protection to those needing it.

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