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The numbers of Americans who are now very concerned with there physical is on the rise this is because the nutritionists and doctors are warning that the numbers of Americans who don't take great care of there bodies by not indulging in physical fitness is on the rise with statistics indicating that the numbers of obesity cases amongst the America children and adults raising to reach nearly two-thirds of the entire American population (, para.2). Scientists warn that the increasing numbers of obese citizens is posing a greater threat to the nation as the numbers avoidable diseases such like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, heart disease, early deaths and some other forms of cancers affect the nation scientists went on by saying that the production and economy of the nation will reduce this is because most of the citizens will be on medication or spending  lots of  time in health facilities instead of being in there respective work places.

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That leads us to the main point which studies why most Americans are resorting to physical fitness according to a report released by the International Food Information Council Foundation on July 7, 2010, the report indicated that most of the American citizens are in the recent days very much concerned with their physical status as the statistics from the research indicating that 70percent of Americans are very concerned with there body weight and another 77 percent of Americans are in the process of reducing or maintaining there weight.

The largest sections of Americans who are involving in physical fitness are women and from the sturdy the women are indulging in the physical fitness because when the want to maintain there body shapes without loosing the way they look therefore making   them attractive and good looking this is because of the information that is being passed to them through the media on the importance of staying healthy (, para.4).

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American are in the act of physical fitness but  they indulged in other alternative methods of body fitness, activities such as reducing the amount of food they eat reflected by  69 percent of American, another section has changed the type of food  they eat represented by  63 percent  and another engaging in physical fitness activity which is  60 percent. The statistics shows that a less percentage is involved in physical fitness this is an increased percentage as compared to the past where most Americans never took physical fitness seriously.

The real driving force that makes the Americans to resort to physical fitness as opposed to the past is the raising concern by the medical officials about the importance oof physical fitness this will ensure that they are healthy and able to get rid of some of these preventable diseases, this is one of the causes that makes the Americans to resort to physical fitness as they assume that being healthy will make them more physically fit, an example is from an interview that I had conducted with 37 year old lady Karen from New Jersey, who told me that she opted physical fitness as a point of reducing her weight that was fast increasing and was advised by her doctor to indulge in some physical fitness inured to reduce the chances of her being with increased dangers of her contracting diseases that can easily be prevented easily if one took care of the her physical witness (, para.3).

The other reason for the American citizens get involved in is for the maintenance of there body an increasing number of American are involved in physical fitness because they   all want to maintain there body shapes to be like the ones they see on the TV commercials, this presses the majority of the Americans to the point of wanting to acquire the shapes of the models  they see on the Television, as explained by Karen who told me  that most of the women admire the models they see on TV commercials and want to be exactly like the models they see on the television (, para.3).

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