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Healthcare Availability

A social environmental issue in my local community:

The health of an individual refers to the general state of all aspects in a person. It shows the degree in which a person is efficient in that if a person is healthy, they are free from any injury or illnesses. This definition does not refer to the mere absence of disease or injury but world health organization has it as the form of total mental, physical and the wellbeing of a person. For a life to be resourceful then it must be healthy. It thus gives physical capabilities as well as the personal and social resources. A health triangle to an individual is created when a person is mentally, physically and socially well. (Jadad, R and O'Grady L., 2008).

To maintain this state thus care should be given and this care is called health care. The health care is thus the treatment of an illness if it occurs. The prevention of a person from not becoming physically mentally and socially unwell and the management of an illness. This will also encompass the preservation of the normal healthy status of an individual through services by the health care givers such as the nurses, doctors and other health professionals. (Raska, K., 1966). These professional in medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy others are the people who deliver healthcare to the people.

In the communities, that we are living in today, not everybody is able to access this health care as it is supposed to. There are both political and social issues that deny the people access to healthcare and these raise several debates as to who should be given healthcare and to what extent.

The healthcare industry is viewed as a social institution where people go to get the kind of health care they want from the professionals put in those places for that purpose. People, ethics, processes and politics are studied to develop healthcare. Through this care thus people are able to improve their quality so that they are reproductive to themselves and to the states because they are used by them as resources.

Through health economics, people are able to know the issues that relate to the allocation of health facilities and the health care for the people. It relates some of the behaviors in the community to the availability of these health resources to that particular place and then looks at the way forward to deal with these issues. If health systems are not allocated to a particular place then the conditions of those residing in those places will be put at risk and this is why health care should be accessible to everyone in the world any time. Health is infarct influenced by healthcare because the availability of healthcare results in better health to those who can access it. Being healthy is thus a very valuable condition because the body of the individual feels well and they can attend their daily activities well towards realization of a better tomorrow. When people are denied the healthcare services in the essence that they are not made available to them, their productivity to the community, their families reduce, and this may result to poverty. (Arrow, K., 1963)

There hasbeen demand for healthcare in almost every aspect of life and this means that efforts are supposed to be made so that everybody that is in need of healthcare services gets them. With this kind of high demand then, the cost of accessing the care should be very little so that everyone is able to get it. This will in turn call for a higher supply of the healthcare by the healthcare givers. The governments thus have the task of educating these professional well so that the health of their citizens will not be put at stake when they fail to get the kind of care they need. To achieve efficient healthcare, there should be planning, implementation of the plan and the government including this very vital issue in their budgets. Proper allocation of funds to the different regions of a constituency should then be made accordingly and monitored so that there are no frauds that will put the people at risk of not having the necessary facilities where they can get the healthcare.

The availability of healthcare is thus an essential thing that should be looked at very keenly because it involves lives of people. The industry of healthcare should also be complete since it has several sectors all put together to improve the kind of healthcare that is given to the people who need it. A complete healthcare has all the equipments that are required in the heal facility, diagnostic substances should be standard and sufficient so that wrong diagnostic is not done, the delivery system for drugs is effective and efficient, the manufactures of the drugs to be given to the ill individuals are standard. The sectors that are associated to healthcare include hospitals, biotechnology, home healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

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Health care availability has been an issue for many regions, cities and even countries in the world and people are so much concerned with is. There are so many health related problems that face the people and it is thus very important that people be covered for healthcare as a way to get healthcare. It should be made available to the people and proper guidance done to people so that they know where to get is and the advantages of having it. With an insurance card given to the patient, the card opens ways for the patient to get healthcare that they could not have gotten without the card. Many health facilities will give their services to a patient who has the insurance card faster than those who are paying for themselves. (Bond J. & Bond S., 1994).

It will be of no if the available healthcare is not accessible because of the costs it has. It is therefore important that the healthcare be affordable to those accessing it always all days of the week. The nearest health facilities should be activated so that the cost of accessing them is reduced.

Availability of healthcare should be made to everyone since people have a right to healthcare. In America for example, people have a right to healthcare because in the declaration of independence a right to life is supported thus healthcare is needed so that life is preserved. The general welfare of people is promoted through healthcare thus making it a duty for the healthcare givers and the govvernment of states to give it to the citizens. A person has a right to a living that is standard thus; healthcare standardizes it and gives people this important right.

Every nation has a right to healthcare meaning that there should be nobody who cannot access the kind of health care that they need. For productivity economically, people need to be healthy since they are healthier and live for long and this way they get to contribute to the society well and for a long time. If people are denied healthcare, they become anxious, sick, depressed and stressed which can affect both the individual and the entire families and to some extent the individual's community. When the right to healthcare is guaranteed, entrepreneurship is encouraged and this creates jobs for the citizens of that country or individuals living in that specific place. No one will have the fear to start their own business when they know that they are sure of healthcare services.

If healthcare is made available for all, equal opportunities will be created because few people will be economically disadvantaged since medical related financial problems will be reduced. For a community thus to function well, health care services should be made available to them just like water services. If this right to healthcare services is made civil, there will be no discrimination of people based on their health conditions.

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Healthcare availability is a social issue that has been not properly looked at and proper measures need to be put in place to come up with a solution. When an individual is in the right functional state, they are without illnesses and they are mentally, physically a socially fit. If these individuals are to be well without illnesses, it means that they are treated from the kind of illness they have to get back to their normal status. To be mentally, socially and physically sick it means that there are no illnesses in the individuals systems and that care has been taken to maintain that. This care is gotten from health facilities like the hospitals where different professionals who together promote the health of people are found. These health professionals are the doctors, the nurses, the laboratory technologists, the pharmacists and others who together can help promote the health of people who visit the facility.

It is thus important that the system in which healthcare is given to the people be complete and efficient so that the quality of the services will also be improved. Very many advantages come with healthy nation. The benefits start with the individual themselves for in the healthy status one can perform better and will fulfill every aspect of life properly. This will in turn be beneficial to the family of that person for all the needs will be taken care of through the work of that individual. The productivity of people will be increased and that the economic status of the country as a whole will be increased. It is therefore the duty of a state to make sure that its citizen get adequate affordable healthcare. This way the country will be creating its resources that will boost their economic status. (United States Department of Labor, 2007).

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